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If you want a good quality backpack, don’t be careless.

by:Huide     2021-08-27
Whether you are buying a backpack or a customized backpack, quality is a problem that customers are very concerned about. If you want a good backpack, don't be careless about these points. Let's follow the steps to understand the relevant content.  1. Fabric quality  The choice of fabric is related to the durability of the finished backpack. There are many fabric materials for backpack production. Different fabrics have different prices and different quality. Good fabrics basically have the characteristics of scratch resistance, wear resistance, and water repellency. The quality of backpack fabrics is based on density. The higher the density, the better the quality.  2, backpack workmanship    backpack quality is inseparable from exquisite workmanship, if the workmanship is not exquisite enough, the sutures are not consistent, not straight, stitches, missing stitches and other phenomena exist, it will directly affect the use effect and quality of the backpack. Whether the backpack is exquisite in workmanship, it can be seen with the naked eye. If you want to have a high-quality backpack, pay more attention to the workmanship. 3. Pay attention to the load-bearing and firmness of the straps of the backpack. The quality of the straps can directly affect the service life of the bag. The straps are easily damaged. Therefore, when customizing the backpack, pay attention to checking the straps for seamless fit. , Cracks, whether the fixed line is good or not. 4. The hardware accessories of the backpack. Hardware accessories are also an important part of the quality of the backpack. Pay attention to the shape and workmanship of the hardware accessories. For the backpacks of the elderly or children, avoid using some sharp-shaped hardware accessories. Hardware accessories have a layer of color. When customizing, pay attention to whether it is easy to fade.  If you want a high-quality backpack, you can find a manufacturer. With 16 years of experience in backpack production and customization, the backpack has a rich variety of products, and has a senior and professional design and production team, which can tailor personalized backpacks for customers. The company is strong, and produces customized backpacks for major well-known companies all year round. The product quality is recognized and supported by all customers. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. You deserve to have customized backpacks.
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