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Important knowledge selection of mountaineering bag fabrics

by:Huide     2021-04-10
The mountaineering bag is a tool bag in the' target='_blank'>backpack. The mountaineering bag is always used in our wild or outdoor environment. It is related to the safety of our outings. Therefore, he must be very rigorous in his production. Pay attention when choosing him. Especially when choosing the fabric of the mountaineering bag, this is the most basic point. Next, I will share with you the knowledge of mountaineering bag fabrics. The fabric selection of mountaineering bags starts with the function of the fabric itself. In general, most of the fabrics we commonly use are diamond lattice nylon, jacquard nylon and square lattice nylon. Now it can be found that all the materials are nylon, so when choosing a mountaineering bag, first look for nylon. Nylon is also known as nylon. If you see a polyester material, you can also use it, but 420D polyester and 420D nylon (nylon) are of different grades. Please understand this. The second point, the name of the nylon material mentioned above is distinguished by the appearance of the texture, and what is really useful is the density (D) of the nylon material. The higher the density, the better, but it cannot be less than 400D, otherwise it will encounter rock wear outdoors. It tears easily. The general mountaineering bag is 400-600D. If you don't clearly indicate it when buying it, it is best to ask clearly. The third is the processing after the fabric itself, which is our common waterproof effect. Nylon materials actually have no waterproof effect, but are derived in later stages, such as waterproof lattice materials, nylon water-repellent lattice jacquard materials and so on. The waterproof effect is added to its strong anti-wear ability, which is the most basic match in outdoor activities. In addition to the waterproof effect, the more important thing after the outdoor is the anti-fouling effect. When you return home from fatigue, just pick up a damp cloth and wipe it gently to remove the dust on the hiking bag. After such a trip, Pleasant and not tired. The appearance of a beautiful mountaineering bag must have a cow-like inner appearance to make outdoor activities more effective. These points are easy to remember, and they are also important details. A good mountaineering bag can be used for a long time without wasting the purchase cost and unnecessary accidents.
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