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Inline talent parsing customized bags how to choose the manufacturers

by:Huide     2020-06-30

custom bags and classification? This is a custom luggage requirements enterprise confusing problem. In previous custom bags often appear design is very beautiful, but the samples produced can eye can not see, if it is a gift company or planning class party a can't will not pass the samples to present to the customer. After all, the embodiment of the quality of the products on behalf of the company's strength and abilities. So how to customize a good bag? Today let bags custom's parse it to you!

package types are divided into a lot of kinds, such as pull rod box, bag, backpack, wallets, bags, lady bags, man bags before the bosom, ice bag, receive bag, camera bag, travel bag, backpack, outdoor backpack, business bags, etc. Is that all the bags manufacturer can produce the above bag, answer 'no'.

to several of the most popular bags now pull rod box, for example, the production and processing has its own set of technology and equipment, and the production technology of knapsack handbag is totally different. The stamping process is that commonly used in the factory, such equipment play rivet, material is given priority to with PC board plastic material. Basic from feed to the blanking, stamping, rivets, aluminum frame, locks, assembly, quality inspection all programs to water in a factory for the processing, the basic no branch factory, is the cause of the characteristic of this kind of product is big that pull rod box the transportation cost is too high, all reduce transportation is to reduce to the traveler. To sum up such plants did not concentrate production capacity, the vast majority don't dabble in other style bags.

bag manufacturer, for example, especially the market popular backpack, material for Oxford cloth or nylon fabric. Use flat car more production equipment, technology use cutting knife more boring cutting, embroidery, printing, sewing, package edge, pressure roller, etc. Long engaged in this kind of bag manufacturers from the fabric supplier control to the production equipment are tailored to the applicable according to the flat car, can do bags styles generally contain backpack, purse, handbag, computer bag, student bag, outdoor backpack and business bag design style. Because of the characteristics of the flat car determines such manufacturers can't produce other cross-border products such as pull rod box and fashionable ladies' bag, the even involved in cross-border production, where the finished effect will not good. But do the design of the product you are looking for the manufacturer.

most fashion female bag manufacturers use are high car, parking, etc. , outsiders see will feel like very strange, this kind of equipment specially used in rigid female package material, such as in line with the glue the PU material, the material is very thick, general sewing machine to wear by stitching the reach of the slit, such a high car and car game, no matter how difficult to sewing expect that their hands is a piece of cake. But often the manufacturers face backpack this bag also very headache, especially a little more complicated backpack order never order, to hand it to customer and itself is a kind of suffering. The pain only in which can deeply understand.

more experience to tell you that at present in various industries have differentiation of today, if you want to do is package design custom must first figure out what they do is bag, suitable for what kind of factory production, or to find the wrong factory do a lot of trouble, delay the time, even if reluctantly cooperation big goods quality will be out of the question.

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