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Is the computer bag waterproof? Which fabric is good?

by:Huide     2021-07-23
The speed of turning your face in summer weather is the same as turning a book. When you say it changes, you are walking outside. The most fear is the storm that comes. It doesn’t matter if you get wet. If the important documents and electrical appliances in your backpack get wet, you will lose it. But it’s not a little bit. Therefore, having a waterproof backpack is even more important. So, how is a waterproof backpack waterproof? What is the difference between a waterproof backpack and an ordinary backpack? Let’s listen to the book bag customization editor. Briefly describe what it is. 1. Material difference The biggest difference between a waterproof backpack and an ordinary backpack is in the choice of material. Ordinary materials are wet when exposed to water. Some materials have water repellent function, that is, a coating is added to the material to block the entry of rainwater. But if it encounters heavy rain, it will be useless, and the coated material has a certain service life, and it will not work for a long time. Most of the materials used in waterproof backpacks are air-tight or air-impermeable, with a thicker coating and even a film on the other side for better waterproof performance. 2. The difference in production process The production process of waterproof backpacks is more complicated than ordinary backpacks. Many fully waterproof backpacks need to be moulded. The common ones are some hard-shell backpacks. These are all using the moulding process, while ordinary backpacks are basically It only needs to use the traditional sewing process. 3. Differences in accessories Whether waterproof backpacks or ordinary backpacks, the manufacturer’s opening method is zipper opening, which involves the choice of zipper accessories. Ordinary backpacks choose ordinary zippers, which are not waterproof and breathable, while waterproof backpacks choose zippers that are waterproof. Yes, it will not seep into water when it meets with water, which can protect the contents more effectively. There are several ways to open the mouth of a waterproof backpack: Generally, the mouth is rolled, that is, the mouth of the bag is folded and fixed with a buckle or other parts to achieve a sealing effect. The other is a bayonet-style sealed bag mouth, which is often used for small waterproof bags, and large waterproof bags are unrealistic. Another is the airtight zipper opening. The airtight zipper is also a waterproof zipper with a high waterproof level. This kind of zipper has a high cost and is generally used for advanced waterproof backpack openings, outdoor ice bags, and waterproof pockets. Which waterproof bag fabric is better? How to choose a waterproof bag? Introduction to Customizing Schoolbags Judge the waterproof bag from the name. As the name suggests, it is a waterproof bag. But in fact, a real waterproof bag has more than a simple waterproof effect. Imagine that when many travellers go out to play, they go not only to places that are full of water like Sanya or islands. It is also common to go through the mountains and into the forests. It is also common to spend the night in the mountains. When going up and down the mountains, they are rubbing or scratching branches, so in addition to water resistance , The wear resistance and rub resistance of the bag are also very important. Therefore, most of the waterproof bags on the market now use TPU material, which not only has better waterproof effect than ordinary materials, but also has a very good protective effect against wear and scratch. The most obvious kind of bag is the caving bag; when exploring the cave, if the bag is not wear-resistant, it will break after a rub. If you are in the mood to explore, figure out how to take away the scattered things in the bag. The so-called waterproof fabric, generally the surface of the fabric is treated with a waterproofing agent, or the surface of the fabric is coated with plastic, PU, u200bu200bPVC, PA, etc., so that the fabric has waterproof work clothes, waterproof jackets, waterproof travel clothes, and can also be used as umbrella cloth , Tent cloth, luggage duffel cloth, schoolbag cloth, hat cloth, shower curtain cloth, car cover, cargo cover cloth, etc., so its sales are increasing year by year.
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