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Is there instruction manual for basketball training bag ?
The instruction manual for basketball training bag is given by Quanzhou Huide Bags Co.,Ltd. Packing a carefully-compiled and well-printed manual with detailed descriptions about the use, installation, and maintenance methods along with the product, we aim to provide customers with a satisfying experience. On the first page of the manual, step-by-step sum-up regarding installation, use, and maintenance is clearly shown in English. Furthermore, there are some exquisitely-printed pictures displaying every part of the product in detail. You can also ask our staff for the Electronic version of the manual and they will send it through e-mail.

Huide Bags & Backpacks specializes in professional production and supply of packing snowboard bag. Huide Bags & Backpacks's soft duffel bag is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. During the production process, the design stage of Huide Bags & Backpacks promotion foldable bag is viewed as an important part. The product is not susceptible to fade even exposed to strong sunlight and UV. Our product has helped make great achievements in improving customer experience with its huge economic effectiveness. The number of compartments can be designed.

The practice of promotion foldable bag will be the focus of our team’s work in the future. Contact!
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