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Joker academy is how to customize the wind backpack?

by:Huide     2020-07-14

as a backpack bag factory design custom process, first of all need is to come up with unique design concept designer. A good bag factory designer to be able to form from the thought conceived in backpack style with the manual drawing sketches. Solid art is based on the case to the necessary quality of stylist, in dental laboratories in the process of drawing, basic can do it as long as see the appearance of any a backpack, basic composition in the brain. And form the sewing position size and proportion, as well as the fabrics and material in the material such as basic elements configuration. Will eventually backpack to make all of the elements in the form of drawings generated. Bag factory in every day in the face of numerous customers proofing process less backpack backpack bags production designer this link is no good. Below to introduce A a-line backpack customization process. 。 。 。 。 。

backpack custom designer work

a molding joker institute wind backpack

backpack out of finished product is a gentle way, inside the bag with double digital entertainment interlayer work balance

there are accord with human body engineering mechanics system, reduce the body weight to protect the spine without pressure. Enquiring cushion are all made of comfortable air permeability materials

really a joker institute wind advocating trendy backpack was born

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