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Just need! Teach you how to choose the right elementary school schoolbag for your child

by:Huide     2021-07-31
Elementary school schoolbags are different from kindergarten schoolbags. Most kindergarten schoolbags are uniformly customized by schools. However, because most schools do not uniformly configure elementary school schoolbags, parents need to choose and buy them on the market. And with the increase of elementary school work, the requirements for purchasing elementary school schoolbags are also Higher. So, as a child’s just-needed item for school, how do you choose a suitable elementary school schoolbag for your child? Let’s see what the manufacturer says!    There are various elementary school schoolbags currently on the market, and the quality is also uneven. Parents are choosing schoolbags. At the time, a key point of great concern is the quality of the schoolbag and the comfort of the schoolbag. As long as the quality of the schoolbag is good and the child is comfortable, the price is not the main thing. In fact, when choosing schoolbags for elementary school students, pay close attention to the following points, then the selected schoolbags will not be bad:   1. Whether the schoolbag material is environmentally friendly and healthy. Schoolbags are just items that children need to go to school, and they must be in close contact every day. The choice of material and fabric for schoolbags must be environmentally friendly, healthy, and odor-free. After all, children's health is the top priority. You should know that from time to time there are news reports that some black-hearted factories use inferior raw materials to make schoolbags for students, which leads to the residue of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and aromatic amines in the schoolbags. Needless to say, everyone knows the harm caused by long-term exposure to these harmful substances. Therefore, the material and fabric of elementary school bag selection should not be careless. 2. The weight of schoolbags. There are so many primary school tasks that are not comparable in our time. In order to reduce the weight of the schoolbag, the self-weight of the schoolbag should not be too heavy. Regarding the weight of the schoolbag, the National Health Commission issued and implemented it on November 1, 2018 The 'Hygiene Requirements for Schoolbags for Primary and Secondary School Students' stipulates that the self-weight of schoolbags is 0.5kg~1.0kg, small models can be lighter, large models can be heavier, and the carrying weight shall not be greater than 10% of the child's weight. Therefore, when choosing a schoolbag, parents should pay attention to the self-weight of the schoolbag. Choosing the right weight of the schoolbag can well protect the children's back muscles and spine health.  3. The design of schoolbags  For elementary school schoolbags, the design requirements are more stringent, because children are in the stage of growing bodies, and any defective design may affect the growth and development of children. In the process of children's growth, schoolbags should choose backpacks with spine protection function. Shoulder bags are not suitable for children in growth and development. And when choosing a backpack, try to choose a shoulder width.  4. Schoolbags must have reflective signs.    Students are prone to accidents on the way to and from school. Therefore, when choosing a schoolbag, you should consider the safety of your children as much as possible. It is a good choice to choose a schoolbag design with reflective stickers.  5. The internal layout of the schoolbag is reasonable. After going to school, there are more things to learn and use. Choosing a classified and layered schoolbag is very necessary for the child to develop a good habit of classification, and it can also save time in the daily use process. Primary school schoolbags are unsatisfactory. Why not come to the manufacturer to try personalized schoolbag customization. Whether it is schoolbag style design or raw material selection, etc., you can customize one-to-one according to the requirements of the customization party. I heard that the team customization is more There are discounts, and the toll-free hotline is waiting for you to CALL at any time!
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