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Kindergarten custom children's backpack, these details should be paid attention to

by:Huide     2021-09-06
Children's backpack is a must for every child to go to school, because the child is in the stage of growing body, the choice of backpack directly affects the child's health, so the choice of children's backpack is very important. Kindergartens have uniform clothing and school bags, and more and more custom children's backpacks are favored. Below, I will talk about the details that should be paid attention to when customizing children's backpacks. 1. Schoolbag materials When customizing children's backpacks, pay attention to the materials it uses. Backpacks made of high-quality materials will have higher strength and elasticity, and will be wear-resistant and durable. We also know that the raw materials of inferior school uniforms and schoolbags will Contains a lot of toxicity, which has a major impact on children's health. In order for children to have safer school bags, high-grade harmless fabrics must be used.  2, schoolbag workmanship    schoolbag workmanship affects its use, so it is best to choose a reliable factory to ensure that the schoolbag has fine workmanship and neat wiring. When the goods are in bulk, the factory can reinforce the stitches on the back and shoulders, so that the line of the backpack will not open when the child is carrying it. 3. More pockets. Children use more stationery. If they are put together, it will be inconvenient to use. When choosing a specific style, you should think about it. You can choose a pocket with multiple pockets. This is convenient. Children organize school supplies such as books, stationery, etc., and further help them improve their ability to organize. 4. The sling should carry a heavy backpack on the child's body, and it feels distressed to look at it. If the strap is very thin, it will strangle the baby's shoulder. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a school bag with a reinforced and thicker strap so that it will not be worn on the back. I feel that the shoulders are strangled, which can protect the child's immature shoulders, and it will not break easily. 5. When the summer is hot, the side mesh bag will bring some food such as water to prevent thirst. Therefore, you can choose a backpack with a side mesh bag to pack some water and snacks, which is convenient for children to go to school and go to school. Food can be eaten on the road to prevent the child from getting hungry. If the tightness can be controlled, the stuff inside will not fall off easily, and the supplies that effectively protect the child should not be lost.   kindergarten customized children's backpack, look for it. Focus on luggage duffel customization for 12 years and have a professional design and pattern-making team. Based on the principle of 'customer-centricThe schoolbag production experience is trustworthy!
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