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Kindergarten schoolbag customization fabric selection is critical

by:Huide     2021-09-11
Kindergarten schoolbag customization helps to enhance the kindergarten’s brand image. Therefore, a custom-designed student schoolbag with its own kindergarten characteristics has been favored by major principals in recent years. And when it comes to kindergarten schoolbag customization, the choice of schoolbag fabric is very important. Why is the choice of fabric for kindergarten schoolbag customization important? Let's listen to what the manufacturers say! The reason why we have repeatedly emphasized the problem of fabric selection is that we are afraid that when customizing schoolbags, they choose inferior fabrics because they do not understand the relevant fabrics. The poor quality of finished schoolbags made of inferior fabrics is just one of the problems. More serious, the environmental performance of inferior fabrics does not meet the standards, and it is common for substances such as formaldehyde and aromatic amines to exceed the standards. Schoolbags are items that children must come into contact with every day when they go to school. Long-term exposure to schoolbags with excessive substances such as formaldehyde and aromatic amines can cause children's allergies, but at worst, they will cause decreased immunity, lethargy, neurasthenia, etc. Neurotoxic reactions, long-term exposure may also induce cancer, which seriously affects the health of children. And if the kindergarten sends the finished schoolbags made of inferior fabrics to the parents. After the parents get the schoolbags, the children will use it and the schoolbags still smell bad. Can the parents have a good impression of your kindergarten? Kindergarten? Do you still want to make a good reputation? These are impossible without excellent product quality. See the truth for the details. If the quality of the schoolbag is not well done, the kindergarten will not be good!    Question about the choice of custom fabrics for kindergarten schoolbags , I would like to remind everyone that the selection of kindergarten schoolbag fabrics is not only related to the quality of the finished schoolbags, but also related to the health of the children who use the schoolbags and the brand image of the kindergarten. Therefore, when customizing the kindergarten schoolbags, we must pay attention to the choice of related fabrics, environmental protection, health, Non-toxic and harmless These are the basic requirements for selecting fabrics. If necessary, the customizing party can also require the manufacturer to issue relevant environmental protection certificates for the fabrics to truly understand whether the fabrics are truly environmentally friendly.
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