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Kit customization what are the characteristics

by:Huide     2020-07-21

in luggage factory daily production often come into contact with the kit customization project, kit compared with the other backpack in its unique way, no matter from workmanship, process, or from the perspective of use. Tool backpack custom and computer bags custom difference is very big. What are in the process of custom factors need to be aware of it, today small make up a simple summary for you!

the first kit customization of different usage scenarios: can the enterprise custom kit or tool backpack is tools production enterprise or equipment manufacturing enterprises or is medical apparatus and instruments, and other enterprises, procurement is basic it is industrial production unit. And purchasing toolkit is to achieve the effective receive production tools and operating tools of portable use, and other functions, to the functional requirement of the backpack is extremely strong, request toolkit is not only beautiful also shoulder the arduous mission of improve product added value. And often purchase ordinary backpack or computer bags enterprises, the use of purchasing backpacks are used as gifts to their employees or conference marketing, even to give the company produces products for binding promotion, so just to the enterprise culture can satisfy the purchaser the backpack or sales of product features, and satisfied the basic quality to reach requirement forecast. Compare down it is not hard to see under the condition of different usage scenarios, honour the draft toolkit mission is bigger, so for handbag factory kit customization than normal backpack more complex.

the second kit customization for a certain shock strong wear-resisting: kit just as its name implies is used to hold tools. Then the toolkit to protect the tool is very important evaluation indexes. Inside the kit on the tools are often very expensive or very important, so kit can not avoid in the process of custom want to consider to prevent cracking anti-collision, strong wear resistance. Even some of the military enterprise custom kit is to require 20 meters height drop test or 30 kg bearing test of high strength requirement, purpose is to protect the tool.

the third kit customization belong to personalization: kit customization completely belongs to the customization, because each enterprise production tools are different, so the kit is completely different, lead to kit customization can not find a broadly the same in the two basic kit. This is completely different from computer bag.

in also want to customize a good kit procurement need to close communication with bags manufacturer, separately design development to achieve the ideal toolkit.

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