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Knapsack maintenance knowledge

by:Huide     2021-05-29
Backpack maintenance knowledge Everyone has backpacks, but not everyone really knows how to use them. Kindergarten schoolbag customization experts have basically seen other people's backpack waists with hips no less than ten times. The correct use, maintenance, cleaning, and storage of backpacks can effectively reduce their service life. The following backpack backpack manufacturers will popularize the use and maintenance of backpacks for everyone.  1. Backpack on the shoulder method   There are also techniques for carrying a heavy bag on the shoulder. Put the backpack at a certain height, with the shoulders into the shoulder straps. Lean forward and stand up on your legs. This is a more convenient way. If there is no high place to put it, lift the backpack with both hands. Put it on one knee (face the strap). Then control the bag with one hand, and grab the shoulder strap with the other hand to quickly turn around, so that one arm enters the shoulder strap, so that the other arm enters the backpack much easier.  2. Backpack walking method   When walking, tighten the belt of the backpack so that the crotch is exposed to gravity, and the shoulder straps should be relaxed, so that the top of the shoulder strap is at a 45-60 degree angle. It’s as easy to walk as if you’re not carrying something on your back. If there are more or all heavy objects, they can be placed evenly. The chest strap should be fastened and tightened so that the backpacker does not have the feeling of falling back. When moving, pull the adjustment strap between the shoulder strap and the backpack with both hands. Lean forward slightly, so that the gravity when walking is actually on the waist and hips, and there is no pressure on the back. In the event of an emergency, the backpack can be customized by the manufacturer of the upper limbs. 3. The operation points of the backpack follow the correct up and down backpack procedures. Failure to follow the procedures will result in uneven stress on the backpack structure. The lighter backpack will reduce the weight sharing effect, and the heavy backpack will damage the backpack structure; try to lend the backpack as little as possible Others carry: The backpack bracket will fit the curve of one's back more and more, if the backpack is loaned out, it is likely to be re-adjusted and adapted when it comes back. 4. Backpack care methods. Don’t drop the backpack. Pack a solid backpack. The tension of the stitches is already quite tight. If the backpack manufacturer is rude at this time, or accidentally falls, it is easy to break the stitches or buckle. With breakage. Hard iron equipment should not be close to the backpack fabric: tableware, pots, and other hard materials close to the backpack fabric, as long as the outer surface of the backpack rubs against the hard rock walls and railings, it will easily wear the backpack fabric.
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