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Know the customization of the three major types of trolley locks

by:Huide     2021-06-17
The use of trolley cases is very common, such as travel, study tours, business trips and so on. When going out, you must always be a little defensive, not seeking absoluteness, but seeking peace of mind. Therefore, the trolley case lock is one of the sources of peace of mind. It can protect the contents of our case. So, let's get to know the three major types of trolley locks. 1. Ordinary combination padlocks Ordinary combination padlocks can be divided into multi-pull type and turntable type. The turntable type combination lock is generally used on the trolley case. The combination lock has a fully mechanical structure and is easy to use. It is Use three digits to set the password, and get rid of the cumbersome tool of the key. You are not afraid that you will not be able to open the box without the key. 2. The code lock that comes with the trolley case The code lock that comes with the trolley case is more convenient in the process of use. It has the same design principle as the ordinary code lock, and it uses a rotary disc type code lock, which is easy to operate. . The combination lock on the trolley case is very exquisite in appearance, and the lock is not easy to lose.  3. TSA code lock for the trolley case    The trolley duffel case has its own or independent TSA code lock. This lock has strong security, identification and uniqueness. When passing the security check, the TSA lock can ensure that the luggage is not forced to be broken for inspection when it passes the customs. The TSA lock has the same function and operation as an ordinary combination lock.
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