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Know the LOGO printing process in luggage customization

by:Huide     2021-07-05
The National Day is getting closer and every company is busy preparing gifts for employees or for holiday promotional gifts. Today, most companies choose the way to customize luggage for employees or promotional gifts, because the company LOGO can be printed when customizing luggage , This can not only be used as a gift, but also for advertising.   When companies customize luggage and gifts, there are many LOGO printing processes, so the following briefly introduces three LOGO printing processes. 1. Screen printing, this is a kind of screen printing foot art that uses a porous fabric in a steel plate to weave a raised image into a foot art, and this method uses 1 to 4 types of logo printing without open colors. , Can be used in paper, wood, metal, cloth and other materials. 2. Thermal transfer printing, also known as color printing, is to use the process of CMYK 4 kinds of non-open color compartments to dissimilate, and then to reproduce a complete color logo. This kind of foot art printed logo is not only afraid of scratches, but also not afraid of being knocked. , It can be operated on plastic, cloth, silk, metal and other materials.  3. Laser engraving. This is the use of laser light energy to convert into heat energy, and then process the laser engraving product LOGO logo, but this printing format can not be used on stainless steel, metal, wood frequency pepper, Tao Congyi materials.  Gift custom luggage duffel can not only reflect the strength of the company, but also highlight the sincerity of the company, so custom luggage gifts, choose. Since its establishment, it has more than ten years of operating experience, the version of the room has complete facilities, and has a top-level professional Ru0026D and design team, and has enough ability to achieve the effects you want for luggage.
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