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Know the three maintenance methods of fabric luggage

by:Huide     2021-05-27
Luggage maintenance is to ensure the useful life of the luggage. In other words, proper maintenance of the luggage can extend its service life. Generally, the luggage maintenance we have heard about is for leather luggage, but fabric luggage also needs maintenance, so let's take you to know the three main methods of fabric luggage maintenance. 1. Cloth bags are very easy to be filled with dust during use. Therefore, cloth bags need regular care. This care is mainly to use vacuum cleaners and other tools to regularly remove dust, but when removing dust, avoid touching the brush head. To the luggage, because this may cause stolen goods to remain. 2. If the cloth bag is slightly dirty, wipe it with a wet towel mixed with detergent and clean water when cleaning it. Repeat until the stain is removed, then use a semi-dry towel washed with water to clean it, and finally the bag Place in a ventilated place to air dry.  3. If it is a cloth bag made of cotton, it can be cleaned directly with neutral detergents, or a small amount of edible salt can be added during cleaning, because the salt water can play a role in fixing the color. After washing, wrap it in a towel to absorb the water, and finally dry it on the front side. Drying in the shade is the best
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