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Light luxury business bags customized can also

by:Huide     2020-07-23

in the world of lady bags handbags has never been short of luxury brands, such as 1. GUCCI GUCCI. 2. FENDI FENDI; 3. Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton 4. CELINE CELINE. 5. Versstar versace. 6. HERMES HERMES. 7. SALVATORE FERRAGAMO FERRAGAMO curtain; 8. CARTIER CARTIER. 9. CD dior; 10. Chan excellentel chanel. , but in the men's bags customized luxury brand is not much, such as TUMI is one of the bags manufacturer small make up to play home to introduce today is the brand of the more popular a super fan of business bags.

first of all, this bag is a business computer bag, interlayer has a built-in computer. Before to backpack set has enough space to receive goods. Backpack, thousands of yuan every design most of its own characteristics. Even the monkey computer interlayer in cloth, unlike ordinary backpack, adopts the pattern of the super soft and elastic cloth ( Honeycomb embossing waterproof lining) 。 Computer bag as a whole is Oxford cloth and metal parts, local increase leather stitching, purpose is strongly prominent business characteristics.

especially the front of the backpack design radical has its unique characteristics, alloy triangle hook and leather with a rubber strip, the joining together of the atmosphere rocks in reflect incisively and vividly. This bag is the use of metal combination is very harmonious, even pull head is also used in large 8 zipper head, sense of purpose is the prominent metal ornament, finally a make the finishing point is the backpack unique brand design, square pieces of metal that box engraved with TUMI product customize logo. The most main is the plate with the used to track recognition of 20 digital coding, can go to the United States TUMI's official website to register. Each bag of famous brand also can undertake private custom, on top designer can engrave on the user's name.

all in all in the bag custom TUMI really can justifiably referred to as business bag custom of luxury brands.

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