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Luggage custom proofing, out of style design and patterning

by:Huide     2021-06-22
Customized luggage is a kind of welfare model that many companies like today. At the end of the year, the company starts to prepare budget for the employee's welfare for the next year, and then finds a good manufacturer for luggage customization cooperation. When choosing a manufacturer, whether you can cooperate successfully or not generally depends on the proofing of the luggage, so now we come to understand the custom-made proofing of the luggage and the design and patterning.   When making a custom-made luggage proofing out of the design version, first of all, it is necessary to clarify the materials selected for the luggage, after all, the fabric of the luggage directly affects the quality of the luggage. Then it depends on the special design and craftsmanship of the luggage custom proofing, because the structural design and craftsmanship of the luggage is indirectly reflected in the quality.   Luggage custom-made proofing is the most important thing in the design and pattern-making process. The most important thing is the manufacturer, a manufacturer with integrity and strength, which can be fully reflected in the proofing process. From the design structure, it can reflect the manufacturer's design strength; from the workmanship, you can see the manufacturer's production strength; from the cooperative enterprise, it can fully demonstrate the manufacturer's integrity.  Therefore, it is a very important process to design and make patterns out of custom-made bags. So the editor here strongly recommends a manufacturer that is very good in design, workmanship, and integrity-a custom manufacturer. Integrity management for 12 years, has been focusing on the luggage customization industry, with extraordinary strength, is the first choice for customized luggage!
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