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Luggage customization should understand these contents in advance

by:Huide     2021-06-15
Many customers do not understand the related matters of luggage customization, and often when they need to customize a certain type of luggage, they rush to find the manufacturer to inquire. As a result, there are many things in the communication process that are not as simple as imagined. There are many things. It needs to be prepared in advance. So, what should you know about luggage customization in advance? Let's take a look at what the editor says.  1. The number of customizations should be determined in advance. Many people think that the customization of luggage is just how much you want to make, and you can make it with a single order. In fact, the production of luggage needs to be produced in accordance with the process and the overall cooperation in accordance with the production notice. If you understand the luggage customization process and the procurement process, then you will know that the minimum order quantity is required for the customization of luggage. Generally, the manufacturer’s minimum order quantity will not be less than 300. If the customized quantity is lower than the manufacturer’s minimum order quantity, it will be a big trouble for the factory, so the factory will be very reluctant to take the order. Even if the factory accepts the order, some processes may be difficult to complete, because some processes in the luggage production process are completed by the upstream and downstream factories in the industry chain. If the order is too small, the upstream and downstream factories will not be able to cooperate, and the manufacturer will not accept the order. , Even if the order is received, the customized unit price is very high. 2. The style and material should be determined in advance. In the customization of luggage, the style and material directly determine the customized price. There are many materials and styles for luggage customization. If the custom party does not know the material, you can choose the style in advance and find Luggage manufacturers communicate and let them recommend suitable materials according to their budget range, which can save a lot of time in material selection. 3. The LOGO style of luggage customization should be determined in advance. In luggage customization, the choice of LOGO style is very important. Why do companies customize luggage specifically for corporate image and publicity? Therefore, when customizing luggage, the LOGO style should be set in advance, which is common. Customized LOGO crafts for luggage include embroidery, silk-screen printing, Epoxy badges, hardware badges, etc. Different production processes have different effects on display. Generally speaking, the size of embroidery LOGO should be moderate to ensure the embroidery density (the number of stitches should be enough). Silk-screen LOGO is more suitable for a single-color LOGO. Epoxy brand LOGO requires a large number of customization. Hardware brand LOGO is usually high-end and can present the finishing touch. effect. The display effect of corporate LOGO made by different technologies is different, and of course the price is also different. Therefore, before customizing luggage, you can use related technologies to design LOGO with different effects for subsequent selection. Look for luggage customization, focus on luggage customization for more than ten years, have rich experience in luggage processing and production, the core production team has an average industry experience of more than 10 years, the factory is fully equipped, has independent design and development capabilities, and specializes in customizing personalized backpacks and services for customers Having passed many big-name companies, good reputation is trustworthy!
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