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Luggage manufacturers teach you how to maintain hiking backpacks

by:Huide     2021-06-23
Hiking' target='_blank'>backpacks always accompany us when we go out in the mountains, in the woods and other places, and every time we come back, the hiking backpacks will have different degrees of stains. As a good friend from birth to death, mountaineering backpacks are naturally indispensable in caring for him. If the stains are not dealt with in time, the life of the hiking backpack will also be affected. How to maintain the mountaineering backpack?    Maintenance during the use of mountaineering backpack:    When traveling, if there are more heavy objects to be carried, then we must place the heavy objects evenly, and start from light to heavy, don’t put the weight on Things are placed at the bottom of the backpack. When walking, you should pull the shoulder strap of the backpack and the adjustment strap of the backpack to reduce the negative pressure of the bag body on the shoulder strap, and tighten the waist belt so that the stride also bears a certain pressure. This can be Gravity is evenly distributed in all parts of the mountaineering bag, and the local parts of the mountaineering bag are subject to greater gravity. When the backpack is on the shoulders, you can first place the backpack on a higher place, so that both shoulders enter the shoulder straps at the same time, which can increase the service life of the shoulder straps. Cleaning of hiking backpacks on weekdays: After using the hiking bags, we recommend using a soft brush dampened with water to clean them. If you wipe them directly with a damp cloth, experienced friends will surely find out that the wiping is complete. Afterwards, there will be wiping marks on the surface of the mountaineering bag, which will inevitably affect the overall appearance of the mountaineering bag. If the back pollution of the hiking bag is serious, we can first soak it in clean water for about 30 minutes. During the cleaning, it is not enough. You can add an appropriate amount of hiking bag cleaning fluid (after washing, the hiking bag must be rinsed with clean water and placed in Dry in a cool, well-ventilated place, remember not to expose it directly to the sun, because strong ultraviolet rays will harden the elastic fibers of the hiking bag.
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