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Luggage teaches you four tips for buying a wash bag

by:Huide     2021-06-11
Every woman has her own bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, toiletry bags, card bags, wallets, toiletry bags... The relationship between women and bags is destined to be inseparable. Among the many bags, the wash bag is a beautiful landscape. The toiletry bag is like a woman's 'treasure boxA good toiletry bag can make a woman feel happy. For a woman who loves beauty, we might as well learn the four tips for buying a toiletry bag with the editor today. 1. Lightweight, wear-resistant, and waterproof material. The weight of the material is also a factor that must be considered. The lighter the material, the less the burden on carrying will be caused. The wash bag made of fabric and plastic cloth is the lightest and most convenient. In addition, it is best to choose a wear-resistant and waterproof material for the outer skin, which is more durable, because makeup and washing will often come in contact with water, so waterproof materials are the first choice. 2. Multi-layered design, large storage capacity. Because the items in the wash bag are very fine and there are many small things to be placed, so there are layered design styles, it will be easier to put things in different categories. At present, the more and more intimate design of the wash bag, even separates special areas such as lipstick, powder puff, and pen-like tools. 3. Exquisite and exquisite appearance. The size of this kind of bag should be appropriate. Generally, it is recommended that the size within 18cm×18cm is the most appropriate, and the side should have some width to fit all the items and put it into the large bag It is not cumbersome and convenient to carry on a business trip. Fourth, choose a style that suits you. If you are mainly divided into bottles and cans, you should choose a wash bag with a wider side in shape, so that the bottles can stand upright, and the liquid inside will not leak easily. Come out; if it is mostly pen-like objects and flat-shaped makeup trays, then the wide, flat and multi-layered style is quite suitable. There are many types of toiletry bags available on the market, but they are limited after all. If you want to customize a personalized toiletry bag, you might as well learn about toiletry bag customization online. In summary, the editor reminds all female friends that when choosing a wash bag, you must follow the following principles, the size is appropriate, the material is light, the sandwich design, the style you like, and the production must also be very exquisite, so that you can choose Go to a wash bag that suits you.
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