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Luggage teaches you how to maintain your PC trolley case

by:Huide     2021-06-18
The PC trolley case is the king of fashion in the luggage industry and the favorite of the lazy travel industry. Why do lazy people love the PC trolley case? Because the PC trolley case is easy to clean and easy to maintain, how to maintain your PC trolley duffel case? Let me teach you how to maintain your PC trolley case?    The first step in the maintenance of the PC trolley case must be cleaning. Our trolley case has stabilized with us for long-distance travel. In the middle of the journey, it is the arrival of a porter. It should not be too late, if you Keep the elucidation book of the trolley duffel box, you can refer to the tools used in the maintenance mode of this book, they stop cleaning, due to the needs of different cleaning methods and different materials. But you didn't realize that it doesn't matter. Choosing a good trolley case is very useful when you go out. PC trolley cases are generally divided into two categories, soft cases and hard cases, so the name suggests, the soft case is the analogy of softer material, canvas, nylon, EVA, leather, etc. The advantages are light weight, strong toughness, and exquisite appearance. , But it is not as good as a hard case in terms of waterproof, pressure resistance and impact resistance, so it is more suitable for short-distance tours, or it is also a good choice as a carry-on case. To clean the surface of the canvas, nylon, EVA material, you can use a damp cloth or viscose roller brush to clean the dust on the outside. When you encounter more serious stains, you can use a damp cloth or soft brush dipped in a neutral detergent to scrub. When cleaning textile materials such as canvas, nylon, etc., you should quietly scrub along the woven texture of the surface of the fabric. Too much force may cause the surface of the fabric to fuzz early. After cleaning, try to use a damp cloth or soft brush dipped in clean water to remove the residue on the outer surface of the box. detergent.   The hard case is the PC trolley duffel case with hard material, while the soft case is the opposite. At present, the common trolley case brand hard cases on the market are made of ABS, PP, PC, thermoplastic composite materials, etc. Most of the hard cases have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, waterproof, and pressure resistance. Therefore, the hard cases are more suitable for long-distance travel. When using. This material is also simpler and more convenient to clean: first wipe off the dust with a damp cloth, or use some neutral detergents, such as household laundry detergent (PH value 5-7) to remove more stubborn stains. Use a clean soft cloth dipped in detergent to scrub the case back and forth quietly until the dirt is washed away. After using the detergent, remember to rinse the cloth and then wipe the cabinet to prevent the detergent.
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