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Luggage terminology and inspection process terminology for processing methods

by:Huide     2021-07-13
1. Poor defects: carefully check the various defects and defects on the surface of the original and auxiliary materials. Defects and defects that seriously affect the cutting and product quality effects must be eliminated before production. 2. Check stains: check the contamination of the original and auxiliary materials, and deal with them according to the stain treatment method. 3. Color difference inspection: check the color difference of the original and auxiliary fabrics, and classify the diseases according to the color condition. 4. Sub-width: classify the original and auxiliary fabrics according to the width of the door to facilitate the production and processing of subsequent procedures. 5. Poor lining color and feel: check the color and feel of the lining material, and classify and file according to the inspection results. 6. Differential weft skew: check the weft skew of the textile fabric, and control the cutting operation in time. 7. Compound rice: recheck whether the yield of the original and auxiliary materials meets the technological requirements, and report the results in time. 8. Analysis and inspection of physical and chemical indicators: Detailed analysis and inspection of the relevant physical and chemical indicators of the raw and auxiliary materials according to the product production requirements, including expansion and contraction, tensile strength, tear resistance, heat resistance, color fastness, and dry and wet For tests such as rubbing fastness, an inspection report shall be issued in time for the results of the inspection. Recommended related reading: The cutting process terminology of luggage duffel professional terminology and processing method The sewing terminology of luggage duffel professional terminology and processing method
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