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Manufacturer's analytical toolkit customization process

by:Huide     2020-07-26

time society along a straight line, bags custom industrialized production with the change of social overall progress. The original batch production of bags can satisfy the demand of the market, and now the enterprise production of all kinds of packaging equipment, tools need to be protected, an important purpose is to provide protection for the equipment and tools, the second purpose is to match the value of the product. Of course formal professional equipment manufacturers have professional equipment research and development department, to meet the personalized needs of customers in time, can according to the customers' personalized requirements to design the bags. Then a kit customization is how to design from concept sketches goods into tangible physical package? Today is to reveal the kit customization process.

1, the first bag factory business people will first detailed understanding of customer needs, including shape, function, and using the environment, quality standard, whether to have physical sample package, time limit for a project requirements after a series of problems such as feedback to the version of the division of business accounting.

2, in the customer accept the price after the time limit for a project will be on the basis of the specific kit customization requirements, according to the drawing or profile, or physical reference for landscape design.

3, at the same time bags manufacturer also will be conducted in accordance with the requirements for the custom fabrics, in material choice. Of course selection criteria will fully follow the standards of the customer's budget and rationalization proposal of manufacturer, after all, different material cost is different, thought is different, give the customer some reasonable Suggestions or should be.

4, with raw materials, and has mapped paper version, r&d room can use the shape of the lattice edition of cutting into different sheets. Arrange another procedure to use.

5, will have been prepared, using different technology will be combined, process including by not limited to, such as rubber, printing, oil, nailing, creasing, edge, stitching, etc.

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