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Manufacturing method of splicing process of luggage edge

by:Huide     2021-06-06
The inlaid edge process is an important step in the luggage making process. This process is mainly to glue and splice the parts and the edges of the parts as required. There are many ways to inlay luggage, the commonly used methods are flat inlay, crimp inlay, crimp inlay, butt inlay and so on.  1. The flat setting method in the inlaying process is generally used on a flat surface, usually by using a very strong neoprene adhesive to glue the inlaid part, so that the box body inlaid part is adhered firmly.  Second, stubble inlaying   The method of stubble inlaying is by overlapping the edges between parts and parts. This process is generally used at the links of parts and parts of suitcases or bags.  3. Docking    The process of docking is relatively simple, and the interface is relatively flat. It is to put the two sides of a part together on a plane, but the two parts do not overlap. 4. Pressure seam inlay seam inlay process is a relatively common method in the design of I-type Angbao. It uses the edges of the parts to be connected on the same plane, and then uses seams to cover the parts or decorations, and the seams are concealed. , The head is firm.   There are many craftsmanship for making luggage, and the workmanship requires fine workmanship, as well as the high familiarity of the production staff. So here, the editor recommends a manufacturer with superb technical personnel-a custom manufacturer, which has been established for more than ten years and has a wealth of operating experience. Complete version of the room facilities, and professional R u0026 D and design team.
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