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Material is an important indicator that determines the durability of the suitcase

by:Huide     2021-05-15
A sturdy and durable suitcase is so important to travelers. People who travel frequently know that a good suitcase can accompany the user through ups and downs, and it can also allow the user to harvest the scenery of the journey. If you want to buy a sturdy and durable suitcase, the material of the suitcase is an indicator that consumers need to consider. The suitcases are generally divided into hard suitcases, cloth suitcases and leather suitcases in terms of material performance. The material is an important indicator that determines the durability of the suitcases. 1. The hard suitcase materials are mainly ABS, PP, PC, aluminum-magnesium alloy, etc. , The advantages are pressure resistance, wear resistance, waterproof and easy to clean, the disadvantage is that the capacity is limited and there is no ductility. Suitable for business people on short business trips.  2, cloth box  The material is mainly nylon, canvas and Oxford cloth, etc. The advantage is that the box is lighter and the style is exquisite, but the disadvantage is that the rainproof effect is weak. Suitable for leisure travel.  3, leather suitcase  The material is mainly cowhide, PU leather, etc. The advantage is luxurious and high-grade, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to cut flowers and damage, troublesome maintenance, and expensive repair. Suitable for high-end people. At present, consumers in the market prefer hard cases. Among them, aluminum alloy, ABS, and PC are the most popular materials among consumers. These three materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, but they are more wear-resistant and durable. Everyone is choosing When buying a suitcase, you can choose the one you like based on the characteristics of these three materials.   Where to look for custom travel luggage? Recommended manufacturers! It is a comprehensive production enterprise specializing in the design, production, and custom sales of various types of luggage, backpacks, travel bags, and small satchels. With a professional design and pattern-making team, we operate corporate customer orders throughout the entire process. Based on the principle of 'customer-centricWith customized products as the main body, word of mouth is trustworthy!
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