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Method for making slicing process of luggage

by:Huide     2021-06-26
There are four processes for making luggage, namely, cutting, shoveling, parking spaces and countertops, and chipping is an operating branch of one of the processes. In the manufacture of luggage and bags, different materials have different requirements for parts and components, and the chipping process is also different, and the operation method is also different.   Generally speaking, there are two methods of chipping, one is manual chipping and the other is machine chipping.   There are two methods of manual chipping: direct and indirect. Direct chipping is manual chipping until it meets the process requirements, while indirect chipping means that the parts are trimmed on the edge of the skinning machine by 'changing the knife  The other is machine chipping. When using machine chipping, bags need to be chipped according to the requirements of relevant technical data. Compared with manual chipping, the use of machine chipping has high production efficiency and is suitable for industrial mass production.  Whether it is manual or machine slicing, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Manual slicing requires skilled operators, while machine slicing costs are high. If you want to make customized bags, it is a good choice. It has been 12 years since its establishment and has a group of professional and experienced operators, complete equipment, and a professional Ru0026D and design team.
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