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Mountaineering bag customization company teaches you how to pack

by:Huide     2021-05-06
City Travel Goods Co., Ltd. specializes in luggage customization for more than 10 years. Mountaineering bag customization service has become one of the company's key businesses with the domestic tourism boom. In the maintenance of the cooperative enterprises, it is found that after the company has customized the mountaineering bag, it has not been well studied to use the mountaineering bag, so the use experience of the mountaineering bag is affected. The mountaineering bag is specially designed to make the traveler more comfortable and enjoyable. Therefore, mountaineering bags are increasingly combined with the principles of human mechanics and research on how to better breathe. This is the basic performance of the mountaineering bag, and those who carry it outside should also understand how to use the mountaineering bag to have a better carrying experience and make travel easier! 1. When filling things, not all items are thrown into the backpack. Learn to use irregular small spaces, such as stuffing clothes and socks into zipper bags. At the same time, try not to carry hard and heavy objects and carry less external hangers. It is best to bring more Something that has multiple uses. After finishing the bag, try to make the hiking bag stand up by itself. 2. Pay attention to the weight configuration when filling and placing items, and make adjustments to the weight difference. The lighter items are on the bottom, and the heavier items are on the top. Generally speaking, the items on the bottom are sleeping bags or change of clothes. Lighter items are the preferred choice, and then the upper half is cut straight from the middle in half. The heavier ones are placed on the inner side near the shoulders and necks, and the lighter ones are placed on the periphery. In principle, the backpack is packed from bottom to top, layer by layer, and the left and right weights should be the same. There are too large gaps, so as not to affect the stability of the backpack. 3. Men's and women's backpacks are treated differently. Because boys have longer upper torso and girls have shorter upper torso but longer legs, carefully choose a suitable backpack. When loading, boys’ weights should be higher, boys’ weights are close to the chest, and girls’ weights are lower and closer to the abdomen. , The heavy items should be as close to the back as possible, so that the weight is higher than the waist. Do a good job of bagging mountaineering bags. This will make your trip appear comfortable and relaxed while bringing as many items as possible. Don’t put things in a few bags before they are full, or if you carry them, they feel left and right asymmetrical and uncomfortable. . Easy travel starts with attention to details!
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