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Mountaineering bag manufacturers reveal the customization process of mountaineering bags

by:Huide     2021-05-07
Custom-made mountaineering bags naturally choose professional mountaineering bag manufacturers, but we often don’t know where the professions come from. First look at professional mountaineering bags, one is qualification, and the other is product. Then, what if every process of the mountaineering bag manufacturer is of high quality? The mountaineering bag manufacturer reveals the secret of the mountaineering bag customization process.  一 The sewing process of customized mountaineering bags  Basic sewing process: Stitching is the main method to connect the parts and components of the product. Only through stitching can the scattered parts and components be assembled into a complete product. The stitching process is the main part of the luggage product operation process. Before the stitching process, the mountaineering bag must be opened in three processes: cardboard-opening-table top.  二 Other craftsmanship of customized mountaineering bags  1. Logo customization: Generally, when starting and narrowing the needle at the bottom/around of the logo, it is necessary to heavier 3-4 stitches. 8-9 stitches are required to be smooth and smooth.  2. Bone pulling: the spigot should be even, the corners should not be wrinkled, and the four corners should be evenly wrapped with the aggregate material to be close to the core of the bone, and there should be no broken bones.  3. Putting the front bag: The front pinhole must be covered, and the needle must be started at the center of the circumference or bottom. The four corners of the bag should be parallel and symmetrical.  4. Winding up: The spigot should be uniform and even, paying special attention to the direction of the upper zipper. The chain stickers coming out of the car should be flat and not wavy.  5. Car Velcro: The car line runs uniformly to the hook edge, the rough edge is parallel up and down, and cannot be skewed.  6. u200bu200bHemming: The spigot of the hemming should not have large and thin edges, and the corners should be round and smooth.  7. Hidden head installation: For the needle position car, it must be balanced, and the line must not be skewed, and the line must be straight and even.   8. Install side bags: pay attention to the direction of the slider. When pulling the zipper, the slider should be in the direction of the front panel. The bag should be square at four corners and parallel to the top and bottom.  9. Car strap: Pay special attention to the square card and the center line. Under normal circumstances, the length of the square card is 1.5 inches. The center line must pass through the intersection and cannot be bent. The flanges on both sides of the square card should be evenly unified, and the final stitching line should be overlapped.  10. Car triangle webbing: Generally, the webbing without square card should be put into the triangle material by half an inch, and the square card webbing should be put into the triangle material by 1 inch. The rest is specially requested by the customer.  Customized mountaineering bag carefully checks the quality of the mountaineering bag from the above two aspects, which is the maintenance of its own brand image. Custom-made manufacturers specialize in custom-made luggage for more than ten years, and are your trustworthy manufacturer of custom-made luggage.
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