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Must-know characteristics and maintenance knowledge of various types of leather goods

by:Huide     2021-05-23
1. How to distinguish genuine leather and imitation leather? A. Look. The dermis has small pores, but the imitation leather does not; B. smell. The leather smells of animal fat (that is, the smell of the skin), while the imitation leather smells of plastic. C. press. There are small wrinkles on the surface when you press it with your finger, and the wrinkles disappear immediately when the fingers are lifted. It is real leather, and artificial leather has no wrinkles. D. water. Place small water droplets on the surface of the skin. After a few minutes, the water droplets will diffuse through the pores, and you can see obvious wet spots and absorb water. E. burn. The edges and corners of the leather burnt with fire have a burnt smell, while the imitation leather has a plastic smell. F. color. The leather is dark, bright and soft, while the imitation leather is bright. 2. How to care for and maintain the dermis? A. It should not be irradiated under strong light to prevent the oil from being dried, which will cause the fibrous tissue to shrink and the leather to harden and become brittle. B. Can not be placed in strong acid to prevent corrosion. C. When it rains in the rain, wipe it dry and place it in a ventilated place to dry it to prevent mildew. D. When not in use for a long time, put some paper inside to prevent deformation. E. The leather bag is delicate and easily scratched. F. When the leather bag becomes moldy, wipe it dry with shoe polish, and then apply care agents such as Bi Lizhu. G. When there is a ballpoint pen mark on it, it can be cleaned with milk. 3. What are the three characteristics of genuine leather? A Hygiene: Water permeability is above 10 meters. Approximately 800cm of sweat can be penetrated within 24 hours. Air permeability 100C/hour/CM. Moisture absorption and dehumidification. B Durability. It has been scientifically tested that every square meter of leather can bear a weight of 2.5 kg (2KG/M2). Although the current level of synthetic leather technology is very high, the Clarino F26 produced in Japan is only under pressure of 1KG/M2. C Adiabaticity. Some skins can withstand high temperatures of 120-160C. The cold resistance can reach minus 50-60C, which is the main material for aviation suits. It is obvious when wearing sandals and plastic shoes. Leather sandals will not burn your feet when walking on a hot day. Plastic shoes will feel hot. 4. What are the characteristics of PVC and PU materials? Both PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PU (polyester) belong to the category of imitation leather. PVC is characterized by light weight, easy processing, abrasion resistance, low price, good gloss, and easy maintenance. However, it has poor air permeability and slip resistance. It will become hard at low temperatures, resulting in poor refraction and easy breakage. The color of PVC is rich, suitable for summer clothes. PU is also called regenerated leather and regenerated leather. It is characterized by light weight, wear resistance, non-slip resistance, cold resistance, and chemical resistance, but it is expensive, easy to tear, poor mechanical strength, and poor tear resistance. PU color is less. Mainly black or brown. The texture is soft, suitable for making casual bags, the price is not high, and it is easy to decolorize. 5. What are the characteristics of cows, pigs and sheepskins? The cowhide takes yellow cowhide as an example. The surface of the cowhide is fine and bright, with small pores and circular burrs. Pig leather has a rough surface and coarse pores. The three pores form a set of triangular patterns. When arranged, each group is far apart. It is mostly used inside the shoe. Sheepskin 1, goatskin. The surface is fine, the fibers are tight, there are a lot of fine pores arranged in a semicircle, and the hand feels tight. It is mostly used to make leather clothes, wallets and some women's bags. 2. Sheep skin. The surface is loose, the pores are fine, the arrangement is oblate, the distribution is even, and the hand feels soft; but the fastness is not as good as goatskin. When judging, sheepskin is much softer than pigskin, and when pressed by hand, the wrinkles are thicker and look like fish scales horizontally and tiles look obliquely. 6. How to maintain and care for leather bags? 1) Put a layer of wax on the surface before using the new bag to help prevent dust. The corners of the leather bag are most easily damaged, so applying colorless nail polish here can prevent the leather bag from scratching and deforming. 2) Do not use the same bag every day, let it rest for one or two days after using it for a period of time, take out the built-in contents in another bag. The unused bag fortress is covered with some paper to prevent deformation of the bag and make it durable. 3) When the leather bag is exposed to sweat or exposed to strong sunlight, it is easy to stain or change color. Therefore, it should be patted frequently, and the valuable bag should be frequently rubbed with oil and wax. Shoe polish should be avoided. This will damage the leather bag. 4) When the black spot of the leather bag falls off, first wipe the peeled oily surface, mix and stir with the wet juice and the super glue for woodworking, then apply it evenly to the place, and put on the shiny wax to restore it to new. 5) Avoid sticky water and moisture. 7. The packages are classified according to occupational category, and which varieties are included? Classified by leisure category, which varieties are included? Occupational categories: computer bags, briefcases, backpacks, leisure categories: backpacks, shoulder bags, waist bags, handbags, shoulder bags. 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