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Nursing methods for frosted leather bags

by:Huide     2021-07-15
The hand feel and comfort of the frosted leather bag is very good. The bag has a high face value and looks high-grade. It is loved by ladies, but the care of the frosted leather is exquisite. The editor below will share with you the frosted leather bag. Care experience:    1. Try not to get water in daily use. If it is dirty, use a clean soft brush to gently brush off the dust on the surface, and then wipe the dirty area with a clean damp cloth, and wait until it dries. .  2. It is specially reminded that the frosted leather bag must be kept dry and stored in a cool and ventilated place. Avoid exposure to the sun, fire, washing, sharp object impact and contact with chemical solvents. 3. The color of the frosted leather bag will get old after a long time. You can buy a special shoe powder at the shoe store. Choose the same color as the bag and apply it evenly on the frosted leather part of the bag, and then use a soft brush to remove the excess surface of the bag. The powder can be removed with a brush. Shoe polish is contraindicated. There is a special scrub powder, which is sold in large shopping malls. If there is no shoe powder, you can brush it with clean water. When the hair is fluffed, follow the brush and brush it down. 4. Brush the oil, use a brush to make the leather fatliquor or emulsified oil, which can be obtained from the tannery, and the oil content is controlled at about 50-60%, and evenly spread on the washed and dried until semi-dry suede surface, and brush In the process, pay attention to make the oil penetrate into the skin as much as possible. After placing it for 30 minutes, brush off the slick oil on the surface with 35°C water, and place the bag in a cool, ventilated place to dry. 5. Finishing, when the suede leather is completely dry, brush the surface with a steel wire brush or coarse sandpaper to reproduce the fluff, and then brush it with a brush. After the above procedures, the suede leather will look new and the whole bag will look like new The bags are generally pretty. 6. It is recommended that when the leather bag is not in use, it is best to store it in a cotton cloth instead of a plastic bag. Because the air in the plastic bag is not circulated, the leather will be too dry and damaged. It is best to put some soft toilet paper inside the bag. , In order to maintain the shape of the leather bag, if there is no suitable cloth bag, the old pillowcase is also very suitable.
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