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One of the materials used in luggage customization

by:Huide     2021-06-14
In the process of luggage customization, you can choose the material of the luggage according to your own preferences. There are many types of materials. Today I will share with you the first material used in the customization of luggage. The name is 'natural leather material'. Natural leather materials: The raw materials of natural leather materials are made from a variety of animal skins. Natural leather has an elegant appearance and a soft feel. For example, it is used for high-end products like premium yellow cow leather and sheep leather. Materials such as these materials are used to make bags to greatly improve the durability of the product. It is precisely because of this feature that it is popular with users. But because of its high price, it limits the use of leather bags to a certain extent. There are many natural leather materials used in luggage products, and their performance varies greatly depending on the type. Luggage and bags in Shanghai Bags, gifts, luggage, environmentally friendly shopping bags, fashion shopping bags, trolley cases, backpacks, mountaineering backpacks, backpacks, and travel bags. For more information about customized luggage, please click.
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