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Outdoor backpack custom exactly what good fabrics

by:Huide     2020-07-19

in outdoor bags.com/backpacks' target='_blank'>backpack customized products, mainly use the fabric for Cordura, strong horse DXG, Cuben, Hybrid Cuben and Xpac, Cordura as outdoor backpack lovers on the fabric small make up not familiar.

as a strong horse DXG: Dyneema DXG fabric is a kind of lightweight, high strength of the fabric, made from a mix of nylon fabrics and Dyneema line has certain water proof performance, compared with common 500 d Cordura products, with lighter weight, feel better, just a small part lost abrasion resistance at the same time, is a very balanced fabric products.

like nylon or polyester, Dyneema is a kind of synthetic fiber. By the Dutch company DSM development, it is two main the spectra of the UHMWPE fiber synthetic fiber. According to DSM, it all began in 1963, the chemist Albert penning ( 阿尔伯特·彭宁斯j . ) Accidentally mixing pot, a solution containing polyethylene and formed fine silk. The thin line of molecular chain was proved to be very strong. At that time the company has no interest in this kind of fiber, also does not have experience, don't want to continue to study the findings. But the scientist is persistent, often secret research after regular hours of work.

almost 20 years later, the DSM finally managed to turn these super fiber into a kind of industrial products, and obtained a patent for a called gel spinning process. Originally, this kind of fiber in the late 70 s application in industrial, military and medical fields. As the world's most strong fiber, a series of purpose is impressive, including strengthening the aircraft cockpit doors and surgical implants in low profile. As fiber production technology progress, more and more widely, Dyneema become suitable for application in the backpack and clothing. In the process, all the application scope is exploring Dyneema. At present is mainly used for woven or non-woven fabric, or called Gridstop ® of composite materials, also known as Dyneema composite fabrics ( Formerly known as Cuben fiber) 。

in the backpack customized production, both can be used as the main material, and can be used as functional partition of fabrics used. Daypack 13 l in the picture below is the use of a strong horse DXG as main ingredient, in the 28 l outdoor version as the fabrics of production side pockets.

Cuben: Cuben fabrics is known can be used to pack the fabric under the same weight of fabrics, with high levels of solid and the lightest backpack fabrics on the market, its light weight, strong, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet radiation, not easy to decompose, folding resistance and other characteristics are very suitable for lightweight players. The main products are 1 oz, 1. 42 oz, etc.

in the cuben family, have a more special products in Hybrid cuben, Hybrid cuben fabric is in 1. 42 ozcuben joint with a layer of polyester fiber on the basis of wear-resisting layer, on the basis of ordinary cuben abrasion resistance and strength greatly increased, it is very top bags custom fabrics, combining the characteristics such as lightweight, give attention to two or morethings, waterproof.

  cuben fiber( Crude benzol fiber) The first is a kind of fabrics of the sail. The fiber should be and in body armour material. Applications such as yacht sailing, the ship hull, tents and many outdoor areas, have completely waterproof, anti-uv tear resistance, strength, light weight, etc.

if they understand the lightweight outdoor backpack friend will not feel strange to this material, custom cuben in her purse, tent production equipment are used, such as the image below for Terra Nova Laser Ultra 1 and lii version 13 l outdoor gear cuben.

Xpac fabrics: Xpac fabrics in outer layer is the feature of the fabric ( General Cordura, nylon cloth or dacron cloth) Within the compound layer is called X The ply of black polyester thread reinforcing, the polyester thread cross arranged at 22 degrees, according to different types of composite transparent pet on the back of the waterproof membrane or nylon cloth, polyester cloth, etc.

Xpac mainly depends on the weight of the outer fabrics, but strength will be much higher than the outer fabric and when they are in a composite pet waterproof membrane has the characteristics of waterproof fabrics.

Xpac on the outside and the outer fabric is similar, but it will be more forceful, compared to the original fabric and can faintly see a grid of polyester thread

but looked from the internal structure can very clearly see ~ Xpac on using the same as the body of the backpack custom fabrics, also can be used as functional partition fabric ~

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