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Pack the sample proofing

by:Huide     2020-07-09

who engaged in luggage industry knows, luggage manufacturers often do one thing confirm samples to customers proofing. Because the customer before the order is need to identify the bag factory to deflection to their own requirements, proofing became bags custom a must process.

when it comes to backpack proofing, many people will think that the sample of the backpack manufacturer is more, should be readily available, in fact, we mainly do OEM processing, backpack personalization processing, the factory is no inventory, are made according to the amount of customer delivery, a lot of guests we will have a lot of inventory, it is all a misunderstanding, after processing of a batch of large cargo we will only keep a model, in the sample room to display. So, once the guest need to sample, especially the guest can provide the sample package version, is a single plate division manual processing.

the first point, do a sample version of the material consumption is not much, but on the based material suppliers will not only sell a little bit for you. Such as to buy fabrics, materials, will not sell you a small piece of fabric, but the minimum to buy you a meter or two meters. Bags in the above material, the same is true of accessories. So, the sample proofing, the remaining materials became a waste or inventory, that these are for bag manufacturer customer invisible unnecessary costs.

in the second place, sometimes customers to the same package requirements in accordance with the standard production, but the material is very special, such as requiring the color and lines need to be consistent, or require the use of rare metal accessories or pull zipper head, then look for these materials requires a lot of artificial also is very difficult thing. Sometimes even procurement staff to run several material market to find, also sometimes run all day in order to find a kind of material is not found. The above is to illustrate the wrapped in play version for material is need to spend a lot of energy, labor and time. If above cost accounting in the template, aeriform in became the template package price. Also not including stamping, screen printing, printing logo and mould plate making cost, etc.

so, when the guest request to make the sample bag manufacturer must play version of the fee is reasonable. Have the sincerity of the customers generally understand also can accept this way. Because when customers place the order later, bags manufacturer usually the sample charge will be refund to the original amount of the customer. There is the bag factory is profitable by proofing version, actually manufacturer even charge the sample fee for proofing as guests are not order also do more harm than good.

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