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Parsing bags order process

by:Huide     2020-07-11

with the progress of technology and design level, now on the market of large enterprises or start-up companies will be looking for advertising company features designed for their own version of a VI file, used to implement the visual brand recognition. If this time the enterprise need to customize the backpack, of course will ask according to their own brand image design and production, good bag manufacturer value will be reflected here.

bags order process of the whole logic should be like this

the first step, find a professional bags manufacturer, will own requirements described in detail according to the facts, it is best to say the more detailed, the better, such as how custom style, production quantity, according to the brand color tonal collocation, make time budget, production budget price range, is there a design or is there a reference sample backpack

the second step, to listen to advice, or recommend styles, because professional factory production process and costs or understand very much. Of course if recommended design can achieve satisfied without directly in painstakingly created out of thin air. ( Of course this also depends on how you butt salesman professional level)

the third step, required bags manufacturer according to demand to arrange proofing, produces the proofing fee, of course, as long as both sides negotiate a satisfactory final price. After all, the factory is not designed to operate by proofing fee. In this step is the true test of factory proofing level.

step 4, after receipt of the samples are satisfied, satisfied, began to be produced in accordance with the established time limit order, of course, the tragedy of a minor is not satisfied, manufacturers need to transform the backpack sample oven, as demand for enterprise still need to wait for a period of time to see the next version of the revised backpack sample.

step 5 orders, sign a contract, manufacturer will be scheduled for this time of the production process, detailed requirements including preparation, opening, cutting material, ( Glue, printing, oil, nailing, cut while) Sewing, double bag, packing and so on a series of process and work process. Carried out in accordance with the established process bags production workshop.

step 6, obtaining large samples after confirm no quality problems, basic can wait for shipping, receiving, bags of the entire production is complete.

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