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Personalized bag customization, detailed explanation of professional customization process customization manufacturers

by:Huide     2021-08-15
With the improvement of people's living standards and changes in consumption concepts, personalized bag customization is becoming more and more sought after. Generally speaking, professional and regular manufacturers will have a professional Ru0026D department to meet customer needs in time and design personalized bags according to customer requirements. So, how can a bag be shaped from the concept? Below, the editor will reveal the customization process of a personalized bag.   First, the business personnel of the bag manufacturer will first understand the actual needs of the customer, and then record every request of the customer in detail, and feed it back to the bag designer.  Second, the bag designer will draw out the first draft of the bag according to the customer's requirements, conceptual understanding, and then combine some performance elements, and draw the paper grid according to the original bag.   Third, the master of the shop will choose suitable leather-like fabrics according to the requirements of the bag designer. Bag manufacturers generally choose materials at the right price according to the customer's budget to control production costs.  Fourth, the cutting master will cut fabrics of various sizes and shapes according to the paper grid made by the bag designer. Finally, it needs to be spliced u200bu200band assembled, which includes various processes such as gluing, oiling, embossing, embroidering diamonds, and sewing.   Personalized Bag Customization Founded in 2004, it is committed to providing one-stop luggage customization services. With 12 years of bag customization experience, it can provide customers with personalized luggage design services and product proofing services in an integrated manner!
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