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Points to note when choosing a men's shoulder bag

by:Huide     2021-08-11
Men's shoulder bags are exquisite. The age, personality, and identity of the users must match the style and color of the bag, and they must be coordinated with the clothing; then, how do men choose shoulder bags and backpacks? First choose your favorite color and bag pattern. This is very important. The bag can be matched with clothes, belts, shoes, even silk scarves or headwear. So the first step is to choose what you like. Shoulder bags and backpacks are divided into vertical and horizontal styles according to different styles and designs. They are divided into straight opening and clamshell styles according to different opening methods. They are divided into shoulder-carrying style and shoulder-carrying style according to different carrying methods. For any men's backpack, as long as there are no flaws in the following elements, then this bag is basically a bag with fine workmanship and reliable quality. 1. Strap: An important part of men's single-shoulder backpack, but also the most vulnerable part. Check the straps for seamless fit and cracks, and see if the connection between the straps and the body is strong. All kinds of men's backpacks should pay attention to the straps, and the one-shoulder backpackers will pay more attention to the load-bearing and firmness of the straps, and pay special attention when choosing. 2. Surface: flat and smooth, no seams outside the design, no bubbling, no exposed burrs. 3. Thread: regardless of whether the trendy men's backpack is sewn with open thread or dark thread, the stitch length should be uniform and there should be no thread exposed. Pay attention to whether the stitching is wrinkle-free and whether the thread is all there, and look at the place where the thread ends. Whether it will cause the package to crack. 4. Lining: Whether you choose textiles or leather products, the color should be coordinated with the wrapping surface. The lining has many seams, and the stitches should be fine and not too large. 5. Hardware: As the external decoration of the bag, it has the finishing touch. When choosing a package, you should pay great attention to the shape and workmanship of the hardware. If the hardware is golden, you must consult whether it is easy to fade. 6. Glue: When selecting the package, be sure to pull the parts to see if the glue is strong. In particular, some fashionable men's backpacks, because of their good-looking styles and excellent embellishments, will be very eye-catching, but if these embellishments are not firmly joined, they will lose their characteristics. 7. Zip lock: Check whether the surrounding line is tight and whether it is connected with your backpack naturally. In particular, some key bags, cosmetic bags and other bags that store harder things should be paid more attention. This article is organized and released by the Trolley Bag Customization Center.
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