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Precautions for business backpack customization

by:Huide     2021-08-20
The main body of business custom backpack is mostly enterprises and institutions, and the purpose is mostly customer gifts or employee welfare gifts, event gifts, etc. Many corporate procurement staff are not very familiar with the market related to the customization of business backpacks. Therefore, some wrong behaviors may occur during the customization process. In order to avoid the occurrence of these wrong behaviors, today, the manufacturer will take everyone to understand and understand what are the precautions for customizing business backpacks.   1. Customized business backpack styles must be unique.    Customized business backpacks are given as corporate gifts. Whether it is for customers or employees, the style selection must have corporate characteristics. If the business backpack style is to have corporate characteristics, the better way is to find a professional manufacturer to combine the corporate culture for exclusive design customization. Design customization is not just as simple as putting the logo on the bag. When doing design customization, you should The combination of corporate culture and brand characteristics perfectly transmits the information that the company wants to convey through the backpack, so that it is both beautiful and effective in advertising and publicity.   custom-designed backpack styles are available on the market; the only one, there will be no possibility of bumping into the bag. Such a business backpack with unique corporate representativeness is given to employees, and employees carry them out to visit customers. It is also part of the identity and cultural symbol of the company. When given to customers, it can also deepen the emotional connection with customers. When customers see this You know which company sent the package, which has the effect of maintaining and enhancing the emotions of both parties, which will help both parties to deepen cooperation in the future. The picture below is the year-end welfare gift business backpack specially customized for Kangguan Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. at the end of 2019. This multi-functional business backpack uses microfiber PU leather + fabric as the main material, which is waterproof, wear-resistant, It has texture and other characteristics, including body and style, high-end atmosphere and high-grade. Whether it is used as employee welfare gifts or business gifts, this backpack is very high-grade and multifaceted. 2. The value of business backpacks should not be too high. When customizing business backpacks, the value of gift backpacks should also be balanced. Backpacks with too low value can easily make the recipient feel that the recipient is not valued, and the impression of the gift giver will be greatly reduced. , And if the price is too high, it will give people the feeling of accepting bribes. Unless it is some VIP customers, you can choose higher-value backpack gifts. If it is an ordinary customer, the value of the backpack should still be selected within the corporate budget with a relatively high cost performance. Under the control of a company's limited budget, it is not easy to choose a backpack with a suitable price as a gift. When choosing a custom party, you must pay more attention to it. 
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