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Precautions for Customization of Multifunctional Canvas Toolkit

by:Huide     2021-07-23
Multi-function tool kits are widely used in certain industries, and canvas is known all over the world for its sturdiness and durability. Therefore, when many organizations customize multi-function kits, they choose very reliable canvas materials. Today , The editor will tell you about the precautions for customizing the multi-functional canvas kit, let's learn about it together. 1. Before customizing a multi-functional tool kit, the style design should be reasonable. The so-called multi-functional tool kit can be equipped with more tools for various purposes, and the size of different tools is different. In order to prevent tools from falling, Each tool needs a corresponding card slot to jam, so it is more convenient to use. Therefore, the style design of the multi-function tool kit must be tailored to each tool, which requires the customizer and the manufacturer designer to detail For communication, the most reasonable multi-functional toolkit has been designed. 2. Pay attention to the fact that the production process of custom-made canvas kits is slightly simpler compared to kits of other materials. Therefore, many manufacturers have higher requirements for the minimum order quantity of canvas bags, and generally require 500 or more. Therefore, in order to prevent luggage manufacturers from not accepting orders due to too little quantity, when customizing multifunctional canvas tool bags, pay attention to increasing the number of customizations, so as not to find the manufacturer embarrassing. 3. It is necessary to clearly know the total weight of the tools to be loaded. Any tool kit has a relevant load-bearing limit. If the load-bearing capacity of the kit is less than the weight of the tool, the kit will not only be able to carry the relevant tools, but more importantly, it The tool will be damaged. If the tool is a more sophisticated instrument, the loss will be large if it is damaged. Therefore, before customizing a toolkit, you must tell the manufacturer the total weight of the tool, and then choose the relevant material to make the toolkit based on the weight. The above is the relevant introduction about 'Multi-functional canvas tool bag customization considerations'. Find a professional tool bag custom manufacturer to make a tool bag. Look for it. Since its establishment for more than ten years, it has been focusing on the development, design and production of customized luggage , It not only has enough ability to customize professional toolkit products for customers, but also develops and designs more cost-effective toolkits for customers. Strength backpack manufacturers, look for it!
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