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Precautions for customizing primary school trolley school bags

by:Huide     2021-06-21
Nowadays, primary school students are busy with their schoolwork and they need a lot of books and equipment, which causes the students’ schoolbags to be overloaded, but their physiques are not yet fully mature. If they use overloaded backpacks for a long time, it may It will squeeze the spine and cause adverse effects such as scoliosis of the student. Therefore, many parents or schools will choose custom trolley schoolbags to reduce the load on their children's shoulders. The following editor will tell you what are the precautions for customizing primary school trolley school bags, let's take a look. 1. Customized primary school trolley schoolbags must be light and of good quality. Elementary school students are not mature in all aspects of their physical development. Although the trolley schoolbags can reduce the load on the children's shoulders, the trolley schoolbags must also be pulled by hand. The original weight of the schoolbag is only It is not light. If the material of the custom-made trolley schoolbag is still heavy, the small arms of the primary school students can not be pulled. Moreover, if the arm pulls the heavy schoolbag for a long time, it will also affect the health of the child's arm. Therefore, when customizing primary school trolley school bags, the material must be light, and good quality is a must for manufacturers. 2. Customized primary school trolley schoolbag style selection is very important. Now the common trolley schoolbag styles on the market include conjoined trolley schoolbags and multi-purpose trolley schoolbags. The conjoined trolley schoolbag is not detachable. If you need to carry it on your back, you can directly use the trolley. Just put it away and hide it. The multi-use trolley schoolbag is generally detachable. The schoolbag and the trolley can exist separately, and you can carry it on your back or pull it. When customizing primary school trolley school bags, it is recommended to choose multi-use trolley school bags, mainly because it is troublesome to drag the trolley school bags on the stairs, so it is more convenient to use multi-use trolley school bags. 3. Customize primary school trolley schoolbags. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s qualifications. Now there are many custom-made bag manufacturers, and their qualification levels are also uneven. Some manufacturers even operate without a license. Therefore, when the school chooses a manufacturer, it must determine whether it has formal production qualifications. , Whether the quality of the products produced by the manufacturer can meet the national requirements, etc. After all, the things used by children are very environmentally friendly. If the schoolbags produced by irregular manufacturers may be cheaper, the quality of their schoolbags is not guaranteed. It may even produce harmful substances and affect the health of children. Therefore, it is very important to strictly select cooperative manufacturers for customizing high-quality children's school bags. Customized children’s schoolbags, choose! Quality and delivery are assured. As a benchmark enterprise in the luggage customization industry in Guangdong, it has customized high-quality children’s schoolbags for many well-known schools, and has focused on luggage customization for 14 years and has a strong design. The team of divisions and long-term cooperative relationships with well-known domestic companies include Lianjia, Huawei, TCL, Sinopec and so on. Therefore, choosing a customized manufacturer of children's schoolbags is a manufacturer worth considering and choosing.
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