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Precautions for Kindergarten Schoolbag Customization

by:Huide     2021-09-14
Kindergarten schoolbags are one of the representative items for the kindergarten’s external image display. Kindergarten schoolbag customization is not as simple as everyone thinks. If you do not pay attention to the relevant details during the customization process, you may eventually be customized to unsatisfactory schoolbag products. Today, I will take everyone to unlock the precautions for customization of kindergarten schoolbags.  1. Kindergarten schoolbag customization is the key to environmental protection and health.   Kindergarten schoolbag customization whether it is the choice of fabrics or the choice of ink printing and dyeing materials for logo printing, it must follow a principle, that is, adhere to the environmental health of raw materials. Inferior raw materials that are not environmentally friendly are often prone to residues of harmful substances. If they are made into school bags, they are prone to unpleasant irritating odors, and even harmful substances such as formaldehyde and aromatic amines may exceed the standard. Kindergarten children’s body resistance is relatively weak. Long-term exposure to school bags made of inferior materials can easily cause skin allergies and respiratory diseases. In severe cases, they may also cause cancer, which is very harmful. This is why it has been repeatedly emphasized that everyone should choose environmentally friendly and healthy schoolbag materials. 2. Kindergarten schoolbag custom size specifications should not be too large. Kindergarten children's height and physique are too small. Therefore, when customizing schoolbags, the size of the schoolbag should not be too large. If the schoolbag is too large, the children are unsightly and uncomfortable. Just pack the schoolbag with your children's books and stationery. You can use A4 paper as a reference. A4 paper is 29.6 cm high. Schoolbags that exceed this height can be used for textbooks.  3, the qualification of the kindergarten schoolbag customization manufacturer should be formal    kindergarten schoolbag customization, the qualification of the schoolbag manufacturer and the level of production strength are one of the key factors to ensure the quality of the finished schoolbag. my country is a big country in luggage production, with all kinds of luggage manufacturers, and the qualifications are also different. Some informal manufacturers, in the cooperative factories of both parties, will rely on the customer's ignorance and change materials without authorization, which will affect the quality of the finished schoolbags. In order to avoid these situations, when looking for a schoolbag customization factory, you must pay attention to verifying the authenticity of the factory’s qualifications. Choose a regular manufacturer with complete procedures. Each process of the production process is also relatively secure to ensure that the final schoolbag is made. Healthy, environmentally friendly and of high quality. 4. Kindergarten schoolbag customization pay attention to bulk inspection. Kindergarten schoolbag customization is not the completion of the cooperation between the two parties after the manufacturer has produced it. The customizing party must pay attention to random inspections to ensure the quality of the product after receiving the finished schoolbag from the manufacturer. If the quality is not good, it is also Good to communicate with the manufacturer in a timely manner in order to carry out corresponding measures.  
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