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Precautions for LOGO in luggage customization

by:Huide     2021-06-21
In luggage customization, the customer’s LOGO customization is more particular. After all, the LOGO represents the corporate culture and is to be directly shown to others. The effect of the LOGO can directly affect the impression of others on the company. Therefore, when customizing luggage , The printing of LOGO also requires special attention. Today, the editor will tell you about the precautions of LOGO in luggage customization. Let’s learn about it together. 1. Make sure the size of the LOGO. If you want to print the LOGO on the luggage, the proportion of the LOGO must be determined. In many cases, the size of the LOGO is not the bigger and more conspicuous the better, but the proper proportion of the LOGO size is the best. When customizing luggage, you can ask the luggage manufacturer to design the LOGO printing effect diagram first, and make a gift sample according to the confirmed effect diagram. Finally, the size and proportion of the LOGO can be determined according to the appearance of the actual visual effect, especially Printing LOGO on curved surfaces and embroidering LOGO on knitted fabrics requires more careful attention to the size and proportion of LOGO production. 2. Determining the position of the LOGO printing It is sometimes a very interesting thing to determine the position of the LOGO. For example, for the same product, different customers will decide to print the LOGO according to the color, size, shape and other factors of the company's LOGO. In different positions, there is no strict regulation, but it needs to be considered comprehensively according to the customer's preferences and visual aesthetics. 3. LOGO color should be noted that the color of different companies' LOGO is different, but when customizing luggage, customers should pay attention to whether their corporate LOGO color matches the luggage color, if not, when choosing the fabric color You must pay more attention to it, and you must choose a fabric with a better match, so that the effect of the bag will be better.   In short, if the delivery time is relatively loose, it is recommended that companies can ask to see more printed design renderings and printed samples. Specializing in the production and customization of all kinds of luggage, including computer bags, travel bags, canvas bags, tool bags, backpacks, etc., is a luggage industry and trade integrating design, development, production and export, and can be customized according to specific requirements or drawings Customized samples can also be printed with trademark LOGO, customized according to customer budget, quality is trustworthy!
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