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Precautions for mass customization of student schoolbags

by:Huide     2021-08-22
Mass customization of student schoolbags has always been a hot topic in summer luggage customization. Schoolbags purchased on the market vary in quality and are easily damaged. Customized schoolbags can be made according to customer requirements by choosing materials, accessories, workmanship, etc. The quality is more guaranteed. Today, the manufacturer will give you a brief description of the precautions for mass customization of student schoolbags. Let's take a look. 1. Determine the age of the schoolbags. The main users of schoolbags are students. However, due to differences in age and physique between students, the size of the applicable schoolbags is also different. When customizing schoolbags, it is necessary to consider differentiated customized schoolbags. According to the average height of students of different grades, we can customize the schoolbags of the corresponding size so as to adapt to the use of students of different ages. 2. Determine the customized style and function of the schoolbag. One of the benefits of customization is that the customer can choose the style, function, etc. of the customized schoolbag according to their own needs. The customized schoolbag is unique, and there is absolutely no possibility of collision The schoolbags are more distinctive and can reflect the exclusive characteristics of the customization party. 3. Determine the customized quantity of schoolbags. Many luggage manufacturers have a minimum order quantity for the customized quantity of schoolbags. If the customized quantity cannot be reached, the manufacturer either chooses not to accept the order, or the customized price of a single schoolbag is very high after receiving the order. Therefore, Before customizing schoolbags, it is necessary to understand the manufacturer's minimum order quantity in advance in order to find a suitable manufacturer. 4. Confirm the delivery time of customized schoolbags. Most customized schoolbags are to be delivered before the beginning of the new semester. However, this is the peak period for all kinds of schoolbag customization. Many manufacturers have a full list of customized schoolbags, so , Before placing an order for a customized schoolbag, you must understand the delivery period in advance, so as not to delay the delivery of the goods at the expiration date and other things will be bad.  

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