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Precautions for outdoor multifunctional waist bag customization

by:Huide     2021-08-26
Outdoor multifunctional waist bag is popular with more and more people participating in outdoor sports. A small outdoor multifunctional waist bag can easily carry and store mobile phones, keys, wallets and other personal items during outdoor activities. The question is very convenient. Today, when personalized customization is popular, outdoor multi-functional waist bag customization is also favored by all parties. Below, the manufacturer will tell you about the precautions for outdoor multi-functional waist bag customization. Let’s learn about it!    1. Outdoor multi-functional waist bag When custom-made fabrics are chosen to be waterproof for outdoor sports, you are most afraid of the weather that will change. If it rains suddenly and the waist bag has no waterproof function, the contents of the bag will definitely not be able to keep it, especially in modern society. Once the phone is soaked in rain, it is probably not far from being scrapped. In addition, it is easy to sweat during outdoor sports. If the waist bag you carry is not waterproof, sweat may penetrate the waist bag and wet the contents of the bag. Therefore, in order to prevent emergencies and protect the safety of the contents of the bag, it is recommended to choose a waterproof fabric, waterproof and sweatproof when customizing an outdoor multifunctional waist bag. 2. Outdoor multi-functional waist bag customized waist belt must have adjustment function Outdoor multi-functional waist bag is convenient for outdoor activities, the small size of the waist bag is one aspect, the waist belt of outdoor multi-functional waist bag must also have elasticity and adjustment function, no matter how fat the user is If you are too thin, you can adjust the appropriate carrying length according to your body shape, which is convenient for practical use. 3. Pay attention to the number of customized outdoor multi-functional waist bags. Most outdoor multi-functional waist bags are relatively small, the style is not complicated, and the overall production process is relatively simple. Therefore, for this kind of small and uncomplicated bag products, Most manufacturers will have higher requirements for the MOQ. If the customized quantity is too small and the MOQ cannot be reached, most manufacturers will choose not to take orders out of cost-saving considerations. The reason why manufacturers increase the minimum order quantity of outdoor multi-functional belt bags is also because of the consideration of flat production cost. The more customized quantity, the less cost per bag can be spread, and the production price will be much lower. 4. The outdoor multi-functional waist bag must have complete custom storage functions. Since it is called a multi-functional waist bag, the waist bag must have complete functions. When designing the style, pay attention to the distribution of functional compartments. Different compartments can be placed differently. For example, the cell phone and the key compartment should be separated to prevent the key from scratching the cell phone. In addition, when outdoor sports, many people like to wear headphones to listen to songs, so the pockets must have a headphone port for easy use. The customized side can customize the corresponding waistpack functional layer according to their actual needs. But there is one thing everyone should remember. When perfecting the functional compartment of the waist bag, pay attention to the size of the waist bag. It is important to wear light for outdoor sports. Once the waist bag is too large, it will not only affect the comfort of carrying, but also affect the outdoor activities. get on. Where to look for outdoor multifunctional waist bag backpack manufacturers? Choose! Custom manufacturer is a luggage duffel customization service provider integrating design, Ru0026D, production, processing, and after-sales sales. For 16 years, it has been cooperating with Baidu, CNOOC, TCL and other companies for a long time. Long customized service, listen to the voice of the enterprise throughout the process and provide a reasonable planning plan, you are trustworthy and choose!
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