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Preparing for Double Eleven, how to choose backpack promotional gifts?

by:Huide     2021-07-23
The annual double eleven promotion battle is about to kick off. Both online and offline businesses are trying their best to attract consumers. Promotional gifts are one of the highlights of promotional activities. What kind of promotional gifts can keep customers? Preparing for Double Eleven, how to choose promotional gifts? Let’s take a look at what the manufacturers say!    in all kinds In the bombing of commercial advertisements, in order to attract consumers' attention at the first time, in addition to the necessary advertisements, good promotional gifts are also one of the important means to directly retain customers. Don't underestimate the role of promotional gifts, and customized personalized gifts can increase consumers' awareness of the brand. Combining years of experience in customizing corporate gifts, I would like to recommend a few popular gifts during promotional activities. 1. Cosmetic bags women are often the main consumers in promotional activities. Women's purchasing power cannot be underestimated. Women often carry cosmetic bags containing cosmetics when going out. Therefore, a unique cosmetic bag is customized as a promotional gift , Will surely get the favor of many consumers.  2, foldable bag   The biggest advantage of the foldable bag is that it is light and portable, does not occupy space and is durable. It can be opened directly when in use, and it can be folded and stored when not in use. In daily life, many people also like to use lightweight and practical folding bags that do not take up space. A folding bag with a certain mass base is also very good as a promotional gift. 3. Waist bags or small shoulder bags. Modern people pay attention to light travel, and waist bags or small shoulder bags are not only light and portable, but also very fashionable and exquisite in style. Daily matching clothes can be easily controlled. Such bags are used for promotion. Gifts can also arouse the favor of consumers. 4. Canvas bags In real life, many companies or businesses like to customize canvas bags as a medium for product promotion or event promotion. The company’s brand logo, publicity statements, product introductions, etc. are printed on the canvas bags, through various It can be distributed to consumers or potential consumers in a way that allows them to see the information on the bag when they use the bag in their daily lives. It plays a subtle role in making people's lives easier, while silently doing brand marketing work. .   The above are some of the best-selling gift bags recommended for everyone. These styles can be tailored according to the industry attributes of the company. The double eleven panic buying war is about to start. If you want to customize promotional gifts, hurry up.
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