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Process flow of customized luggage

by:Huide     2021-07-10
I believe that the new and old customers must not understand the process of custom-made luggage. This time, I will explain the process of custom-made luggage in detail, and lead everyone to experience the wonderful process of the birth of luggage duffel. First of all, we need to understand the general process of a luggage proofing: paper output grid-opening-gluing/sewing-finished product-cleaning-packaging.   The first step is to discuss. Before the discussion, the business/sales order is placed, and a detailed sample customized order is provided. The business/sales and the paper master (team) discuss the sample development together, and some technical issues may also be raised during the discussion. I believe that sometimes customers will also receive feedback from business/sales, saying that a certain part of the technology is not supported or can be changed to other conditions that are more conducive to use, so this is a seminar that is very important for proofing.   The second step is to output the paper grid. After confirming that the customized luggage can be realized, the paper grid master can start computer drawing according to the production requirements of the model manufacturing sheet, or the designer can provide sample drawings. Then the paper grid master cuts the drawn drawings into paper grids by machine, or prints the drawings and cuts them by hand.   The third step is to open the material. The cutting master will open the materials needed for the model lock according to the paper grid, such as the main materials of luggage duffel, lining and hardware accessories.   Fourth step, sewing/gluing. This step is to witness the birth of a complete package. We will sew the main material and the lining together, and combine the hardware accessories and shoulder straps by sewing/gluing and complete the required model.   The fifth step, the finished product is inspected and packaged. After the finished product is produced, it will be checked by a professional QC in an all-round way to check whether the wrap angle appears, whether there are stains on the surface, whether the sewing process and the force are stable, and the thread repair and cleaning will also be done.   If you don’t understand the process flow of customized luggage carefully, you will think it is very simple, but the real operation requires professional proficiency to operate freely, and finally a beautiful luggage duffel is customized.
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