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Professional terminology of luggage customization process

by:Huide     2021-06-21
In the luggage customization process, the professional terminology is often exchanged between the master and the sales staff. At this time, the gift manager and luggage purchase are usually trapped. Then, in the luggage industry, what professional terms do you want to understand? Let's listen to the popular science!    1. Almost flaws. Carefully check the raw materials and accessories used in custom-made bags. If there are various defects and defects on their surface, they will seriously affect the cutting and product quality effects, and they must be eliminated before production.  2, check the stains. Check the contamination of the raw materials and auxiliary materials of the bag, and deal with it according to the stain treatment method.  3, color difference test. Check the color difference of the raw materials and auxiliary materials in the color, and classify them accordingly.  4, the sub-width. The raw materials and auxiliary materials are classified according to the width of the door to facilitate the production and processing of the subsequent processes.   5. Poor lining color and feel. Check the color and feel of the lining material, and classify and archive according to the inspection results.  6, difference weft oblique. Check the weft inclination of the textile fabric and control the cutting operation in time.  7, complex meters. Re-check whether the yield of raw materials and auxiliary materials meet the process requirements, and report the results in time.   8. Analysis and inspection of physical and chemical indicators. Detailed analysis and inspection of the relevant physical and chemical indicators of the original and auxiliary materials in accordance with the production requirements of the luggage, including the expansion rate, tensile strength, tear resistance, heat resistance, color fastness, wet and dry rubbing fastness and other tests, inspection results An inspection report must be issued in a timely manner. The above are the professional terms used by professionals in the process of customizing luggage and bags. As the person in charge of corporate procurement and gifts, we still need to understand some terms to communicate and prevent being fooled. It is still very necessary for us to learn. .
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