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Professional terms commonly used in luggage processing and customization

by:Huide     2021-06-25
In the process of processing custom luggage, we often hear or see some technical terms that are difficult to understand. If you do not understand the meaning of these professional terms, you will not be able to communicate normally with the luggage custom manufacturer, and there will even be some black-hearted manufacturer pits. So, what are the commonly used professional terms in luggage processing and customization?    What are the commonly used professional terms in luggage processing and customization?   1, color difference. Color difference inspection refers to checking the level difference in the color of the raw and auxiliary materials, and the diseases are classified according to the color status.  2, check the stains. Color inspection refers to checking the contamination of raw and auxiliary materials, and corresponding treatment according to the stain treatment method.   3. Almost defects. Poor defects refer to careful inspection of the various defects and defects on the surface of the raw and auxiliary materials, and the defects and defects that seriously affect the cutting and product quality effects must be eliminated before production.  4, the sub-width. The sub-width refers to the classification of the raw and auxiliary materials according to the width of the door width to facilitate the production and processing of the subsequent processes.  5, difference weft oblique. Differential weft oblique means to check the weft inclination of textile fabrics and control the cutting operation in time.  6, compound rice. Compound rice refers to rechecking whether the yield of each raw and auxiliary material meets the technological requirements, and the results are reported in time.  7, stick the skin. Skinning refers to the decorative parts on the package body, including top stickers, middle stickers, bottom stickers, side stickers, cover stickers, corner stickers, inner stickers, bottom stickers, etc.   8. Plug. The plug refers to the three-dimensional structure formed by the side parts of the luggage and the bottom of the luggage, also called side panels, horizontal heads, and side walls.   9. Insert the pocket. Slotted bag refers to the flat bag located on each level of the luggage, and its specific name is determined by its position, such as front slotted pocket, back slotted pocket, front inner slotted pocket, etc.   10. Hanging bags. Sling bag refers to the small bag whose depth is less than the bottom of the main bag. It refers to the inner pocket of the zipper window, and also refers to the various hanging bags designed outside the handbag.
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