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Recommended styles of custom schoolbags for primary and middle school students

by:Huide     2021-08-11
The summer vacation is about to begin. Have principals prepared new schoolbags for students who are about to enter primary and secondary schools? If not, why not take a look at the recommendations for custom-made schoolbags for primary and secondary school students?  1. Fashion style contrast color schoolbag    The main material of this schoolbag is made of DuPont Cordura waterproof nylon cloth, which is easy to clean and has strong abrasion resistance. There are two compartments inside, you can put books and some small items; the back pair adopts a breathable and load-reducing design to protect the spine. The entire style is stylish and beautiful in design, with multiple compartments and strong storage practicability. The specifications can be applied to the lower grades from kindergarten to elementary school.  2, British style lightening and spine protection student schoolbag    This schoolbag product adopts encrypted 900D Oxford cloth, which has excellent abrasion resistance and water resistance. The material is neat and flat, and the semi-finished bag shape makes full use of space. Strong storage function. There is a PVC tag at the mouth of the bag, which is convenient to put in the student name card, which is beautiful and practical. The stylish and elegant layout design is very suitable for primary school students.  3, fashion solid color splicing schoolbag  The main material of this schoolbag is made of encrypted waterproof Oxford cloth and lychee pattern PU material, which is easy to clean. There are two main compartments inside, where books and small stationery items are placed; it is convenient to store and organize, and the style design adopts splicing pressure line technology, which is full of dynamic fashion. The multi-storey and large-capacity space design is more suitable for middle school students with larger body shapes and heights. 4. Aristocratic British style ultra-light spine-protecting schoolbag This aristocratic British-style ultra-light spine protection schoolbag is designed according to the requirements of college style, using contrasting colors, and the fabrics are strictly selected to be waterproof, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, and non-toxic Harmless and other characteristics. In addition, the back panel is designed for comfort, breathability, and ridge protection. The functional design is very suitable for the use of students (grades 1-6).  

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