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Recommended summer camp backpack custom styles

by:Huide     2021-07-29
Entering the end of May, the countdown to summer vacation begins, and major companies engaged in summer camp activities have also begun a battle for students. In the face of fierce market competition, major companies are also trying their best to attract consumers. Many of them have customized summer camps. Backpacks are given to applicants. This kind of preferential form can not only attract and give back to consumers, but also improve their own advertising effect to a certain extent. Why not do this? Today, the manufacturer recommends several backpack styles suitable for summer camps. I hope it can help you. Let’s take a look.   There are many backpack styles suitable for summer camps, but most summer camps are actual experiential activities. When customizing backpacks, the customizing party must fully consider the use environment and the applicable people, and then choose the appropriate style for exclusive customization. 1. If the user population is elementary school students, because they are relatively young and their height is not very high, so when customizing summer camp backpacks, pay attention to the choice of backpack styles, and try to be light, durable, and childlike. Children's preferences. The main material of this summer camp chest is made of nylon creek water and PU. The summer camp chest bag is made of sunshine + sky blue to highlight the summer camp atmosphere. The front can be printed with related brand LOGO, and the main bag is designed with double sliders. More items can be sorted and stored, and the designed nylon strap can be adjusted according to the height. The overall volume of the chest bag is not large, but the commonly used items can be loaded, so the bag is more suitable for younger pupils, so , It is very good for elementary school students participating in summer camp activities. 2. If the user is a middle school student, the height and carrying capacity are better. Therefore, the customized backpack can be larger, but there are a little more items needed to participate in the summer camp, so the capacity of the backpack is required. It is relatively large, so you can hold all the luggage duffel without having to take the suitcase. This leisure backpack is made of jacquard nylon as the main material, which is light, wear-resistant and waterproof. It has a large-capacity partition design that keeps the items in order while having a large capacity. The overall design is sports and leisure, giving people light and vitality, relaxing and comfortable travel. The front of the backpack can be printed with the corresponding brand LOGO with the customized party to expand the brand publicity effect.   The above is a brief introduction to the customization of summer camp backpacks. If you want to know more customized styles, please consult online. It is worth noting that backpacks are common but not common. A stylish and creative backpack can make you the focus of the crowd. The custom backpacks for summer camps can be printed with corporate LOGO or slogans, making the backpack a mobile advertisement that can walk, and you can do it wherever you carry it. It has an unexpected advertising effect. At the same time, the backpack has a long service life, which can promote the company for a long time. If you don't like this kind of advertising effect, please consult us if you like it.
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