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Recommended summer travel luggage

by:Huide     2021-07-28
An extremely long vacation that is expected-the summer vacation is about to start in more than a month. Although this is meaningless for office workers, for students and parents, summer vacation is the best time to enjoy parent-child time. Many parents In order to let the children relax and see the outside world, they will choose to travel. When it comes to travel, I have to mention the choice of travel bags. When we are away from home, our suitcases and bags can pack our belongings and possessions for easy play. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable suitcase. Let's take a look at what Xiaobian recommends about summer travel bags. 1. Travel time is 3-4 days. It is recommended to choose a travel backpack for short-distance travel. It is more fun to travel easily, and the summer clothes are lighter and lighter. A travel backpack with a slightly larger capacity can hold the items needed for a family trip, and The travel backpack is easy to carry and is more suitable for short-distance travel. This literary fresh and contrasting casual backpack has a small and fresh style, full of literary style, and quickly reduces the age, so that fashion 1s can be upgraded! With this backpack, parents can carry brightly colored shoulders like young students. You can travel through the streets and alleys to enjoy this wonderful parent-child time with your children. At the same time, you can also choose a two-color package with your child, which is more in line with the theme of summer vacation. 2. If the travel time is 3-7 days, it is recommended to choose a 20-inch travel trolley duffel case. The size of the 20-inch trolley case is generally 34cm in length, 50cm in height, and 20cm in width. This size of trolley duffel case can be boarded without checking in. Summer clothes belt The last set of 8 or 9 with some toiletries is no problem, and the 20-inch suitcase does not need to be checked, and it is very convenient if you fly.   This candy-colored 20-inch PC trolley case has a classic candy-spliced u200bu200bcolor design, a beautiful and playful color, and a fashionable and lively appearance. It is made of pure PC material, sturdy and durable, and has a significant waterproof effect; it is equipped with a silica gel automatic return handle, which is not easy to be damaged and can be easily carried on the road; it is also equipped with an international customs TSA lock to reduce the time for customs inspection and prevent the box from being damaged when the lock is broken. , Scattered luggage.  3. If the travel time is more than one week, it is recommended to choose a 24-inch travel trolley case. The size of a 24-inch trolley case is generally 42cm in length, 68cm in height, and 26cm in width. A trolley suitcase of this size must be checked in if you take an airplane, and the capacity of the 24-inch suitcase is relatively large, which is more suitable for a family of three to travel for 5-9 days, and it is suitable for both long and short distances. This noble silver PC silent wheel 24 inch trolley case has a noble silver appearance and noble and noble atmosphere. The pure PC trolley case has a bright and eye-catching appearance. The material is waterproof and shockproof, and has strong durability, so it has a long service life. It is equipped with an automatic return hand. It can be easily extracted without much effort, and it is equipped with silent universal wheels, which makes it free to shuttle in the place of use, which reduces a lot of time, and travels/conferences/group gatherings can reach the destination faster. For summer travel luggage customization, look for a manufacturer! Founded in 2004, it is a luggage customization service provider integrating design, research and development, production and processing. It specializes in customizing travel luggage for various groups and provides a number of travel luggage duffel customization solutions Let it be your best luggage partner.
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