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Repair and maintenance methods of luggage zipper

by:Huide     2021-06-12
Luggage zipper opening methods are almost applied to all types of bags. The frequency of use of luggage almost determines the service life of luggage zippers. After a long period of use, luggage zippers may appear: teeth skewed; broken belly; out of teeth. Today, I will show you how to repair and maintain the zipper of popular science luggage.   First of all, let's talk about the repair method of luggage zipper. There are usually the following situations when the zipper is damaged. The repair method can also refer to the following ways:    1. If the iron edges on both sides of the luggage zipper fall off. Repair method introduction: You can fold one end of a staple inward to make it parallel to the iron rod, and straighten the other end. According to the length of the iron edge of the zipper, cut off the extra part of the staple from the straight end. The cut staples should be placed on the edge of the original iron, and the folded end should be placed underneath, flush with the bottom edge of the zipper, and the other end should be folded to the same point. Then use a windbreaker needle to sew two papers back and forth tightly with a lock stitch, wrap the staples inside, and the width should be equal to the original iron edge; the bottom staples are sewn tightly with the zipper with a thread, stitched smoothly, and then touched with wax Once, the repair effect is the same as the original iron edge, and it can be opened and pulled freely.  2, if the bag zipper is missing teeth. Maintenance method introduction: Use a sharp mouth or a camera to pry open the teeth of the zipper to remove a few teeth, install them on the part where the teeth are lost, and then use the sharp mouth to gently press the teeth on the edge of the cloth to make He can bite firmly.  3. Sometimes the zipper of the luggage cannot be opened, or can not be pulled halfway, this is because the teeth of the zipper are crooked, or the fiber of the cloth tape is loose. If the zipper teeth are crooked, you can first use a steel needle to straighten them, then level them, and then use a mallet to gently flatten the zipper teeth, and the zipper will work. If the cloth straps are loose, pull the cloth straps that do not match to form a balance line, so that the teeth of the zipper are evenly arranged, and it can be pulled well.  4. There are two reasons why the zipper of the luggage is not smooth: one is that the chain teeth are rusted or contaminated with dust; the other is that the cloth edge is caught in the logo. In the former, you only need to rub paraffin wax on both sides of the zipper to make it smooth and smooth; in the latter, you should slowly return the key head to the original place to remove the foreign body. The zipper cannot be closed because it has been used for a long time. The spacing between the upper and lower side pieces of the chain head has been increased or changed. You only need to clamp it up and down or left and right with pliers, but be careful not to use too much force to avoid damage.   Regarding the maintenance of the zipper of luggage, we must first know the material classification of the zipper. Zippers are classified into metal, nylon and plastic metal zippers from the material classification. For aluminum alloy or copper metal zippers, be careful not to get damp during use and storage, and do not contact with alkaline and acidic substances to prevent metal teeth from being damp, oxidized and corroded. For nylon and injection molded metal zippers, pay attention to high temperature to avoid deformation. Because its wear resistance, hardness, strength, etc. are not as good as metal zippers, you must be more careful when using them than metal zippers, and you must pull the teeth lightly. In addition, if the zipper is damp, rusty, or oxidized, it is not smooth when it is pulled, and when it can’t be pulled anyway, you can wipe it back and forth on two rows of zipper teeth with a candle, and then put it on top of the fire and bake it. It's smooth. The above is the zipper repair and maintenance method for your popular science. Please study carefully and take care of your bags.
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